Sirius Academy West Student Survey
70% of students have aspirations to attend university
92.2% of parents feel the Academy provides a good range of extra-curricular activities however only 78.9% staff encourage their child to lead a healthy lifestyle
85% feel their teachers encourage them to do their best however 37% feel that they are not encouraged to be proud of who they are.
93.5% of parents feel that Sirius Academy West is an outstanding Academy to attend and 95.6% feel that their child is making good progress
90.5% of parents feel their child is happy at the Academy which is a drop of 4.8% from 16 responses. 
The majority of students feel that parents are involved in their education
The majority of students feel they would be listened to, supported by staff in the Academy and feel safe, in addition 60% feel that the Academy discipline is about right
95% of students are happy with the enrichment activities available
74% of students rate the Academy as good or better
The majority of students feel that the Academy is well run and 74% would recommend the Academy to others
The majority of students feel they are taught how to be safe online and taught right from wrong
The majority of students feel that their teachers provided accurate feedback and reports which supports them to improve and they are praised when they have done well.
The majority of students feel that students with additional needs are well provided for.
96.8% of parents feel that the teaching and learning at the Academy is good and 97.9% of parents feel that staff expect students to work hard and do their best
95.7% feel their child is safe around the Academy and 71.1% of parents feel bullying is dealt with effectively by the Academy which is a rise of 1.2% from 16 responses.
85.8%% of parents feel that the Academy provides appropriate homework
90% of parents feel that they are kept well informed about their child’s progress in terms of attainment, attendance and behaviour only 40.7% state that they use parent Progresso to access information about their child
91.3% of parents are confident their child would be supported by Academy staff if they had a problem and 95.6% feel they can contact the Academy with confidence and that any concerns will be listened and dealt with appropriately which is a rise of 1.1% from 16 further responses
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Sirius Academy is a dynamic 21st Century learning environment that embeds the latest technology in to students' everyday learning experiences.

Designed by global award-winning architect, Aedas, the building is truly inspirational, housing state-of-the-art facilities which are beyond belief, including contemporary science and ICT facilities, its own recording studio, a performing arts suite, hair & beauty salon, 3D theatre and construction bays.

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