Careers Education and Guidance

All Sirius Academy students are involved in a range of activities which build to create a comprehensive programme of Careers Education and Guidance.

The Academy works closely with innumerable local and national employers and educational providers to provide all our students with clear pathways to further study and the full range of employment and training opportunities.

The Academy's commitment to the provision of informed and impartial advice and guidance has been recognised by our receipt of the prestigious Careermark and IAG Gold Standard awards.

In addition, we are also an associate institution of the University of Hull.

On a practical basis, all students have access to individual advice and guidance from our dedicated Careers Advisor within the Academy. This complements a range of activities designed to promote self-awareness, employability skills and an understanding of employment opportunities and expectations at a local and national level.


From 1 April 2017 (current) Rate per hour

From 1 October 2016 Rate per hour

21 and over



18 to 20



Under 18



Apprentice (all apprentices under age 19 AND any apprentice, regardless of age, in first year of apprenticeship)




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The Academy works closely with a number of local and national employers and educational providers...