Gifted and Talented Students

At Sirius Academy West (“Ofsted Rated Outstanding 2014”) we deem the responsibility of providing high quality teaching and learning as absolutely paramount.  We challenge our more able students to push the boundaries by constantly heightening expectations, whilst also encouraging them to aspire beyond the realms of the ordinary by enhancing their intellectual bravery so that they make rapid progress. To achieve this, we ensure that our students are stretched in every lesson.

On arrival in Year 7, students are identified ‘gifted’ based on their Key Stage 2 scores and ‘talented’ based on exceptional performance in particular skills (eg: in sports, music, drama, art).

All of our class registers clearly identify our ‘gifted and talented’ students; teachers then use that information to ensure that lessons and homework tasks cater for their needs and stretch them sufficiently.

Our Heads of Department also keep logs of students who are gifted in their subject areas and ensure they are given opportunities to use and develop their skills and talents in lessons and outside the classroom.

Additionally, a number of extra-curricular, enrichment activities and intervention sessions are provided across the Academy (in a range of subject areas) throughout the course of the year to offer unique and interesting opportunities for our more able students to become engaged and intellectually stimulated outside of the classroom as well as in it.

Mr Matthew O’Neill (Coordinator of Able, Gifted and Talented Students) is the point of contact for information about provision regarding all matters concerned with our able cohort of students.


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