The International School Award (ISA)

The International School Award (ISA) is an accreditation scheme which recognizes curriculum-based work with an international focus.

Sirius Academy was awarded the ISA at the Full Level in September 2011 through its achievements in enriching student's lives by encouraging them to build an awareness of global issues through collaborative and curriculum based activities and international visits. This mark of good practice will be reassessed and renewed in 2014.

Sirius was also awarded the European Quality Award for the excellent work with our partnership school in Madrid which involved 130 students taking part in collaborative projects with their counterparts.


Developing the International Dimension

Link with partner school in Malaga:
We have now established a link with I.E.S Cala de Mijas which is a bilingual teaching centre near Malaga. 40% of their students are of British origin as many British families have made their home in the South of Spain. This summer Miss Dos Reis Silva and Mrs Lorenz visited Malaga and the partner school in order to set up a language exchange and other ways for students to collaborate. Further information on :


Continuing the link with partner school in Karshi, Nigeria
Sirius Academy received a grant for a reciprocal visit for teachers from both Sirius Academy and Karshi School in order to keep the longstanding collaboration between the two schools alive and to plan new projects together. September 22nd 2012 Margaret Onmonya from Karshi School in Abuja will be arriving for her one-week visit to our school. A programme is in place to give Margaret a taste of school life in our Academy and the opportunity to introduce our students to school life in an African boarding school. There will be a return visit to Karshi School in either the October or February half-term when Mr Dulson will travel to Nigeria.


Successful first German exchange with Hanns-Seidel-Gymnasium Hösbach
15 students were involved in a project with our German partner school near Frankfurt producing an Olympic music video. The project was funded by the UK-German Connection and has involved 30 youngsters working collaboratively to produce a music video reflecting the spirit of the Olympic games. The German party visited Sirius Academy in June and students from Sirius visited their German partners in July. The final product was a great success and is hosted on the UK-German connection website as well as on the following link:


CCC – Cross-curricular Collaboration
A group of teachers are working together to develop not only cross-curricular links in their own teaching but are also trying to add international and global links to their projects. Think of Zumba in Spanish lessons and Making Rock Cakes in science lessons! Excellent contributions were made in MFL/ICT/Art/Maths/Science/Technology where all teachers collaborated across Faculties to add a further dimension to their teaching.

British Council "International Inspiration Programme"


Link with Partner school in Adama, Ethiopia
Sirius Academy hosted two teachers from our partner school, Adama Secondary School, Adama, Ethiopia in March 2012. The Curriculum Leader PE & Sport together with a member of the Sirius Academy Leadership Team worked together with the visitors on a plan to develop an enhanced Sports Curriculum at Adama Secondary School. A reciprocal visit was made by the two Sirius Academy staff to Ethiopia in May 2012. Our partner school has over 4,000 students with class sizes of between 70-100 students. During the visit the Head of PE at Adama School was instructed in six new games each of which had a high participant rate thus making the delivery of PE to such large class sizes much easier. At the same 24 Sports Leaders were trained, four of each responsible for the delivery of an individual game allowing for the formation of Sports Teams and Clubs.

  • International Inspiration was developed from the London 2012 bid team's promise to 'reach young people all around the world through sport and connect them to the inspirational power of the Games so they are inspired to choose sport.
  • 'The '2012' vision for International Inspiration is 'to enrich the lives of 12 million children of all abilities in schools and communities in 20 countries through the power of high-quality and inclusive physical education, sport and play'.
  • International Inspiration marks the first time in the history of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games that an international legacy on this scale has been conceived and implemented.

The International School Award  is an accreditation scheme which recognises curriculum-based work with an international focus...