Welcome to the Year 9 Curriculum Guide for Sirius Academy

The aim of this guide is to give parents/carers and students an overview of the curriculum that is available to all our Year 9 students.

Sirius Academy offers a broad and balanced curriculum which combines a rigorous focus on key skills along with an exciting range of activities both within lessons and extra curricular time. Students are encouraged to participate in our extra curricular programme which includes a diverse range of sporting, cultural and academic enrichment opportunities.

A key feature of Year 9 is our 'Curriculum Enrichment Programme' which gives students the opportunity to experience a wide range of activities outside of the traditional classroom.

Year 9 students follow a diverse and exciting curriculum which is designed to give them a memorable learning experience. In some subjects students begin courses which lead to GCSE or equivalent qualifications, which maybe completed within the year or further developed in Key Stage 4. Option courses provide greater choice to our learners to ensure each individuals needs are appropriately met.

At Sirius the staff and parents/carers work together to promote the education and well-being of every student. Attendance is essential and we expect every student to be committed to attend the Academy every day. 100% attendance is every student's goal.

The student planner provides a means of communication between home and the Academy. We encourage parents/ carers to check their child's diary regularly to ensure homework tasks have been completed.

Sirius Academy Hull, year 9 students