Sirius Academy West is an inclusive, purposeful and ambitious educational community that delivers a high quality, engaging and innovative learning experience tailored to suit the individual needs of our pupils. We pride ourselves in striving for success by removing the barriers to learning to enable our pupils to achieve their goals. Our curriculum is diverse, designed to allow pupils to succeed and progress to their desired post 16 destination. The [email protected] offers an excellent suit of academic courses to cater for pupils who wish to continue their education with us.

Sirius Academy West has amazing facilities that allow pupils to learn in a modern, dynamic environment that inspires creativity and ignites enthusiasm.

We have an exciting enrichment programme that offers pupils opportunities to learn new skills and participate in a wide range of learning taking them beyond our curriculum and their classrooms. Our ‘pledges’ promote social, emotional and financial awareness together with offering them great opportunities to develop into confident young citizens keen to contribute to their community.

We welcome visitors to come to our school and meet our pupils so they can showcase life at Sirius West.

Sirius Academy West, where every child achieves and believes in success.


Head Teacher Sirius Academy West/Executive Head/CEO The Constellation Trust 

Welcome to Sirius, the Academy where stars are born

Dr Cathy Taylor

Head Teacher Sirius Academy West/Executive Head/CEO The Constellation Trust

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