At Sirius Academy West we have an embedded Attitude to Learning programme which all students are judged against on a half termly basis. Students strive to achieve the Expert Learner status and be doing so are awarded with an Expert Learner badge to display on their blazer which allows them privileges around the building.

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Expert Learner

Advanced Learner

Developing Learner

Potential Learner

Quality of Work

Work can be used as an example to others

Work completed well

Work completed well

Work poorly completed


Arrived in plenty of time and engaged well with the starter

Arrived on time and engaged with learning

Arrived on time

Late to lesson

Target Grades

Meets target level/targets set out in WALT/WILFS

Meets most of the WALTS/WILFS

Meets some of the WALTS/WILFS

Does not meet any WALTS/WILFS


Excellent effort given for the whole lesson

Good effort given throughout the lesson

Needed to be reminded to maintain effort

Poor effort for all or part of the lesson


Immaculate behaviour at all times

All of the 8 Academy expectations met

Reminders needed to meet the 8 Academy expectations

Call back required


Perfect uniform

Correct Academy uniform

An element of uniform expectations not meet

Uniform expectations not met


Fully prepared for learning

Prepared with a pen and pencil

Prepared with a pen or pencil

Unprepared for learning

Team Working

Always work effectively as a team player

Works well in a team

Can work well in a team

Has difficulty work with others


Full concentration given in all tasks

Concentration without disruption, use of gadgets and correctly seated

Needs reminding about concentration`

Low level of concentration, rocking back on seat, use of gadgets


Homework completed to a high standard

Homework completed well

Some of the homework completed

Homework not completed


Friendly and polite at all times, is helpful to other in the lesson

Is friendly and polite at all times

Is mostly friendly and polite

Needs to address lack of politeness at times


Plays a full part in all parts of the lesson

Contributes to the lesson

Makes some contribution and is able to answer questions

Does not contribute to the lesson


Understands fully how to improve in this lesson

Can identify ways to improve learning on this lesson

Is able to assess their learning in this lesson

Does not evaluate own learning

Good grades do not have to be galaxies away. View our prospectus