Homework plays a vital role in consolidating and extending learning beyond the classroom. Regular homework encourages our students to work independently and it establishes effective study and work habits.

Classwork and homework

There is a strong link between active participation in class and homework. Homework encourages deeper reflection and review and we encourage students to be disciplined about doing their homework.

Homework timetable

To help students organise their study we operate a homework timetable for each year group. Subjects will set homework half-termly to match up to your child’s lessons ensuring that everything taught is reinforced independently. The number of hours per week is approximated below and encompasses all lessons:

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

5 hours

5 hours

6 hours

7 hours

7 hours

Study space

We encourage students to make use of the school learning resource centre at lunchtimes and after school. Our extensive ICT facilities are also readily accessible. It will help your child if you can provide a quiet place for homework.

Homework sanction process

Although homework is set over a half-term, reminders will still be given regularly to ensure that students do not fall behind. However, if a student fails to complete their work for a particular subject, they will receive a departmental detention. This detention will be repeated until homework is caught up with. Please note that this sanction can be repeated by each subject. As such, we encourage parents to remind students to continually work on their homework to avoid a build-up in workload.


Q. What sort of tasks will be set?

Homework set will vary from subject to subject. Some departments will set specific weekly tasks where others will supply a booklet of work to complete over a longer period of time. Many departments also make good use of online study resources such as Doddle and My Maths that many pupils find engaging and motivating.

Q. As a parent, should I help with homework?

We hope that parents will take an interest in their child's work and check that homework is being done. Form Tutors also check students' progress regularly. We encourage your child to develop a homework routine in which parents’ are able to offer support. We recognise that balancing this with evening meals and bedtime routines can be demanding. We will always try to help where we can.


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