Sport Specialism

Sport is used as a vehicle to drive standards across a range of areas within the Academy. Sport develops learner confidence, provides new and exciting ways in which students' experience teaching and learning. Sport allows students to celebrate achievement and attainment and will develop a sense of community cohesion through enrichment activities.

The PE curriculum caters for learners in a way, which will allow them to have access to a varied range of options including dance, team and individual sports such as badminton, rock climbing, trampolining, karate, athletics, tennis and many more.

The Academy will offer a multitude of enrichment experiences for students, which cater for students who enjoy team, individual and fun activities such as table tennis, boxing, dodgeball, and cheerleading. The Academy specialises in rugby, in which the Director of Rugby creates a number of unique learning opportunities within and outside the curriculum.

There will be a continued emphasis on sport and dance through transition at Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3 and on to Key Stage 4 and 5. All learners will be offered the opportunity to take a qualification in sport and dance. Students will be provided with the opportunity to gain accreditation in sports leadership courses such as football, rugby, dance and basketball and take on roles such as choreographer, official and coach. Students can also undertake qualifications at a range of levels, such as the Level 2 and 3 BTEC Diploma in Sport; Level 2 BTEC Dance and GCSE PE.

Sports teams play an integral role in the life of the Academy. During last academic year we received winners trophies in National, Regional and Local competitions and everyone is very proud of their achievements.

Final congratulations must go to ex Sirius Student, Luke Campbell on his Olympic Gold medal at London 2012. He was a tribute to himself, his school, his community and his city.

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