Message from the Head of School:

We have reached the end of a very busy 7 week term and I would like to thank you all personally for your support in ensuring your child is attending the Academy every day to maximise their chances of success.  The new Year 7 students have settled in well and I have had the privilege of meeting some of them to participate in a reading exercise with me and chatted about their interest in books, authors and their love of reading. To help encourage reading at home, books can be obtained from our KS3/KS4 library. If you require a book over half term, then please contact Mr Chambers at [email protected] who will be happy to help.

At Sirius Academy West we aspire to be the best version of ourselves. There is a great friendly, community feel in our school and we strive for high engagement and inclusive learning and activities for all.  This week we have seen various trips and activities taking place and it has been great to see students learn and encounter new experiences beyond the classroom.  We also offer after school activities including a variety of enrichment clubs.  All information can be found on the Sirius Academy West Facebook and Twitter pages.

Gemma Ransom (Head of School)

RESPECT for Community- General Academy news

Family Education- Parental Engagement

We are developing an exciting partnership with Family Learning who offer bespoke courses to support adults and children in the City. Please complete the link below to inform of the types of opportunities that you would like us to consider:

Never Just a Comment

This week saw key figures from our student voice structure attend a meeting at The Guildhall to discuss and raise awareness of sexualised comments and how they need to be acted upon and discouraged amongst young people.

Well done to the following students who were fantastic ambassadors for the Academy:

Amber Leake (Deputy Head Girl)
Natalia Syme (Anti-Bullying Ambassador)
Aleissa Grama (Anti-Bullying Ambassador)
Tyler Swann (Anti-Bullying Ambassador)
Harry Willis (Year Captain for Year 10)
Oscar Coulman (Year Captain for Year 9)
Maddie Coulson (Year Captain for Year 8)

Sporting Successes

This week saw our Year 7 Rugby boys have their 1st ever match for the Academy. They ran out 32-4 winners, a victory which saw them qualify for the RFL Yorkshire Cup stages.

Squad: Clinton Turner, Danelios Tamosiunas, Ashton Owst, Cole Obridge, Billy Smith, Harrison Mclroy, Jacob Last, Ronnie Hanchett, Ethan Laud, Micah Smith, Malachy O`Dell, Bradley Lowthorpe, Jake Fletcher, Jacob Matthews, Bosco Masengesho, Ollie Brooks, Rueben Potter and Corey Wilsher.

Our Year 9 Rugby boys were also successful in qualifying for the RFL Yorkshire Cup stages after their 40-6 win over Kingswood during the week.

Squad: Mason Hilton, Jude Holt, Vittorio Gato, Will Gaze, Alex Atkinson, Cohen Cass, Mason Jameson (Year 8), Ryan Reeves, Alfie Wilson, Alfie Phillips, Kye Dennett, Matty Grant, Charlie Toft, DJ Pulford, Jay Dawson and Louis Coultas.

Competitions for student entry

RESPECT for Education- Weekly Focuses

This week the students have completed the following tasks in their Period 6 lessons. Please discuss with them as we continue to develop the knowledge of our students:

Weekly Student Planner Culture Task

This week the students focused on the Team GB Olympic athlete, Tom Daley. Daley is an inspiration for many reasons, competing in the Olympics Games in Beijing as the youngest competitor at the age of 14. He has since gone on to win every major medal including an Olympic Gold Medal at Tokyo 2020. Daley is also a role-model within the LGBTQ+ community, marrying his husband in 2017 and becoming a father through surrogacy in 2019.

Votes for Schools Topic (Key Stage 3 students only)

This week the students discussed the topic of ‘Are protests needed for change?’

Character Education

In their time-tabled Character Education lesson, students have explored:

Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students have this week focused on completing their WOW planners in their student planners. These planners help create a step-by-step guide to support students in achieving the goals that they have set themselves sin their goal-setting grid. Please view these and discuss with your child.

Year 11 students have looked at visual motivation for them to help their focus. Students have looked at creating phone back-grounds, photos which inspire them and putting them in visual places for when they are revising or to serve as reminders. Please look at this with your child, consider their workspace at home and if they could add to this with visual motivators.

RESPECT for Education- Curriculum Area ‘Students of the Week’

Each Curriculum Area will nominate a student each week who has shown through their lessons that they have met the RESPECT values of the Academy. The reason for the selection is highlighted below:

Curriculum Area

Student Name

Reason for Nomination


Grace Gowland

(Year 11)

Superb improvement on every aspect of her English Language work. Every question has shown a huge improvement and she has put a lot of effort into making this happen. 


Harvey Anson

Aimee Rowson

Billy Welch

(All Year 7)

Have achieved full marks 20/20 for their spelling and definitions test every week this half term!


Macie Pearce

(Year 10)

Working hard and challenging herself to keep working on tricky topics until she can do them.


Amy Millar
Alicia Salt

Dylan Fidgett
Jay Duffield 
Jamie-Lee Peachey
Jasmine Welburn

(All Year 8)

They completed a practical to a high standard and could explain the safety procedures and science behind it.


Ellie Jagger

(Year 11)

For showing resilience and dedication to mastering dynamic equilibrium and Le Chatelier's Principle in Chemistry.

PE and Sport

Luca and Nico Atkinson

(Year 10)

Excellent races in the Hull Schools Cross-Country Championships finishing 6th and 7th in the City.


Ronnie Wood

(Year 11)

Outstanding orthographic drawing completed independently, applying all the correct skills.


Billy Welch

(Year 7)

Outstanding skills in isometric drawing.


Jodie Barnes

Lucy Dimmock

Brandon Fenton

Mia Read

Laurel Wainman

(All Year 12)

A fantastic start to their A Level Art course.


Jana Akmentina

(Year 7)

For completing her deep assessment to a mastered level and taking great pride and care with the presentation of her art book.


Amber Bigby

(Year 8)

 The presentation and quality of her art sketchbook is beautiful. She is always 100% focused and tries her best.


Luiza Flis

(Year 9)

For producing several high-quality artworks and staying back after school to extend this learning.


Maisie Williams

(Year 10)

For making an excellent start to her GCSE art course. It is clear Maisie takes great pride in her work as everything is presented beautifully and to an extremely high standard.


Kalina Zaczkowska

(Year 11)

For consistently working hard with her SeaLife project. Kalina regularly attends intervention after school and her sketchbook is of an extremely high quality.

KS3 Spellings- RESPECT for Education

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 will be tested each week on a set of spellings. This is to improve their basic literacy skills. We encourage parents / carers to engage in this activity with your child to support their learning. This week’s spellings to be learnt are:

Year 7


Year 8


Year 9


Final thought

“Rest when you need to, but never quit”

The next parental bulletin will go live on Friday 5th November 2021; enjoy the half-term break.

Mr A Kay (Assistant Head Teacher- Pastoral and Attitudes to Learning)

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