Message from the Head of School:

Dear parents / carers,

As we continue to work under challenging restrictions, it is fantastic to see the atmosphere and positivity around the Academy from both students and staff.

Over the last week, we have been promoting our anti bullying week by wearing odd socks and have captured some great footage and pictures of some interesting combinations! Well done and thank you to all involved.

Our pastoral and academic leadership teams have been working hard to ensure those students self-isolating are provided with quality resources to continue their education. Well done to all students who are continuing to engage with learning whilst having to remain at home. We know this isn’t easy!

Two students in Year 7 this week were presented with a Head Teacher Award for their fantastic work in Reading Response. This is great recognition for their continued hard work.


Gemma Ransom (Head of School)

General Academy news

Odd Socks Day and Wear Blue for Wellbeing

Thank you to all students who supported our two initiatives for Anti-Bullying Week as well as participating in activities within tutor period. The video of our Academy participation in Odd Socks Day can be found on our Twitter page (@siriusacademy).

Mental Health Support website

HeadStart Hull have produced the following website, which is targeted to support both young people and their families in these challenging times. If you have any questions or feel you, require any additional support then please contact the Year Team of your child to discuss:

Science STEM Advent Calendar

Keep an eye out for our very own STEM advent calendar in the countdown to Christmas. This will be 24 daily Science based activities that you will be able to carry out at home throughout December! This will be published daily on Twitter and MyEd and made high profile in KS3 Science lessons.

Magnetic Balls

Can parents / carers please be alert to students purchasing small magnetic balls? We have confiscated several from students throughout the week, as they are incredibly dangerous.

Sirius Has Talent Christmas Show

Curriculum Area ‘Students of the Week’

Each Curriculum Area will nominate a student each week who has shown through their lessons that they have met the RESPECT values of the Academy. The reason for the selection is highlighted below:

Curriculum Area

Student Name

Reason for Nomination


Louise Cross

(Year 11)

The most amazing remote learning with a lot of effort put in and constant communication with her teacher.


Harry Willis

(Year 9)

He works extremely hard and very gives up when he finds a topic difficult. He is also very helpful and assists other students in lesson. 


Laylah Fenton

(Year 7)

Produced an excellent demonstrate task on adaptations of specialised cells, explaining how nerve cells and root hair cells are adapted to carry out their function. Always aims to use complex scientific words in her writing.

PE and Sport

Lucie Firth

(Year 8)

For showing excellent levels of enthusiasm and good sportsmanship during lessons.


James Cawood and Oliver Marcinkowski

(Year 9)

Consistently outstanding efforts in geography.


Sonia Plaszczynska

(Year 7)

Fantastic consistent effort in History! Always tries her best and is willing to help others.


Oliver Sargerson

(Year 9)

Completed excellent work on WW2 during working from home.


Gabija Marcauskaite

(Year 9)

For excellent work at home and in lessons, especially impressive written work in which she uses higher structures and higher-level sentences. For doing extra work and always trying her best in Spanish.


Laurel Wainman

(Year 11)

She has done all tasks set remotely and extra observational drawings to a good standard.


Maja Gortat

(Year 10)

Struggles with analysis but has done 2 remotely and is making real progress.

Health and Social Care

Ruby Ward

(Year 11)

For all of the additional work she has done at home during Year 11 isolation period.  


Libby Manning and Jack Payne

(Year 10)

For outstanding effort in home learning for engineering.


Sophia Mishchenko

(Year 10)

Continued dedication and engagement with her music work when in the academy and at home. She has completed all work to a high standard, showing a great degree of insight and understanding to the learning that has taken place since September.

Travel and Tourism

Paris Boast

(Year 11)

Outstanding turn around in work ethic, effort and attitude, on Track to receive a minimum of a Distinction. Absolute star!

ICT and Business

Megan Maestre-Bridger

(Year 10)

For completing Level 2 Distinction quality, work during lockdown as well as during this recent two weeks of isolation. She always completes work without fail and it is always of genuinely high quality.

Highest RESPECT stamp students last week

Each Monday morning tutors collate the amount of RESPECT stamp each student has collected throughout the previous week.

Each time a student goes past 50 stamps they will receive a certificate from their Year team. Each time they goes past 100 stamps they will receive a VIP pass which entitles them to free items from the canteen at lunch-time:

Year 7- Emma Rogers

Year 8- Mateusz Kaliszewski

Year 9- Ellie McWatt

Attendance Update from Mr Gordon

The following flyer has been distributed by the local authority to provide clear guidance to parents / carers:

KS3 Year group spellings for the upcoming week:

The spelling of the words below will be tested in all year group English lessons this coming week. Please ensure that your child has spent time practicing these words as part of their English practise for retrieval activities:

Year 7- Spellings – Week 2 (HT3)


Year 8 – Spellings- Week 2 (HT3)


Year 9 – Spellings- Week 2 (HT3)


Final thought

“We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone”

The next parental bulletin will go live on Friday 20th November 2020; enjoy the weekend.

Mr A Kay (Assistant Head Teacher- Pastoral and Attitudes to Learning)

Good grades do not have to be galaxies away. View our prospectus

Y6 Virtual Open Night - Transition Update

Due to the current restrictions that we all face we are unable to host our annual Open Night for prospective pupils and their parents/carers. We acknowledge the important decision that you all are set to make in selecting your preference for secondary education in 2021 and are keen for that decision to be an informed one.

Thus, we are hosting a Virtual Open Night on Thursday 8th October 2020 for all pupils that are considering Sirius Academy West as their destination for September 2021. The evening will feature the premiere of our own short film and also provide additional links to other informative videos. These will include introductions to key staff, testimonials from current students, overviews of the varied subjects and courses available at the academy, and an all access tour following a current student during an academy day.

The event will also promote the academy’s thorough transition programme that seeks to remove barriers to movement from Year 6 to Year 7 and allow all pupils to thrive on arrival. Despite the enforced closure in March, many pupils in our local Primary Schools have already started this journey with themed visits to the academy in Year 5. 

The academy has been heavily oversubscribed for places within Year 7 in recent years and we expect this to be repeated again this year. We encourage pupils and parents to not miss out!

For any additional information regarding the event, and/or details regarding the transition process, please contact Mr Gordon on (01482) 352939. All of the Year 6 pupils in our local Primary Schools will soon receive individual invites to their evening.

Year 6 Movie Night! WATCH HERE. Close Notice