Message from the Head of School:

Sirius Academy West has come to the end of a very busy and somewhat challenging week. The news of the Coronavirus pandemic has dominated the news and we are told that we have a difficult time ahead. The academy remains open and all precautions are being taken to safeguard both pupils and staff. I have sent a letter to all parents/carers outlining our plan to ensure we protect our school community. As health experts suggest that the spread of the disease may lead to school closures in the future, it is important that children continue to be punctual and attend all lessons. We recognise that any prolonged absence will be very difficult for parents/carers to manage alongside their own work commitments.  

It is important to ensure pupils are able to continue their learning. Your support in ensuring your child attends school is needed. Together I am confident we can get through this difficult period.   

General Academy news

Parental Consultation Meeting

Thank you to the parents / carers who attended last night’s parental consultation meeting to discuss upcoming changes and initiatives to be introduced at the Academy. We value the support and opinions of our parents / carers in allowing us to make the Academy the best setting to educate the young people in our care.

Rugby Successes

This week we have seen our girls Rugby teams take part in the Yorkshire Cup competitions. Two of our year groups went through these competitions without a defeat therefore reaching the Yorkshire Final next month as well as qualifying for the National Cup stages.

Year 9 team:

Enola Aitcheson, Zeina Hassoun, Holly Paige, Amber Leake, Megan Britton, Elise Hill, Libby Manning, Ruby Ellis (Year8), Maci Campbell, Ruby Bennett (Year 8), Isobelle Brown, Smilte Grigaleviciute

Year 10 team:

Lucy Parker (captain), Leah Pearson, Louise Jessop, Chantelle Dunn, Nicole George, Lucy Stewart, Talia Martinez, Chimene Kalubi, Enola Aitcheson, Jasmine Fielder, Elise Hill, Zeina Hassoun, Isabelle Brown, Libby Manning.

National Science Week

This week we have seen a wide-range of activities organised to celebrate National Science Week. This included quizzes, egg-drops, fancy-dress days as well as various experiments. Thank you to Miss Welch for her organisation coordination of the week’s events.

Update from Mr Gordon on attendance:

Attendance - Easter Competition

The shed... the Elves Workshop... Santa's Grotto... the Easter Nest is back from next week!

Similar to at Christmas, for the final three weeks of the term we will be providing prizes and rewards to lucky winners every morning. This includes staff too!

Names will be selected randomly again and students will be required to come down to collect their individual treat. All Easter themed, so expect plenty of eggs!

All students (and staff) need to do is be here each day for the chance to win. 100 winners each day.

The competition had a big impact last term. Attendance for the final three weeks, when compared to last year, was up by nearly 1%.

Curriculum Area students of the week:


Ruby Offen- Demonstrates fantastic focus and has made excellent progress within lessons. Continues to go above and beyond by improving understanding through independent study.


Wehad Darwish- For a huge improvement in attitude to learning and an improved quality of responses to questions.


Jenson Smith- Able to verbally describe how a blocked coronary artery could lead to a heart attack.


William Palmer - For improving his attitude to learning in French.


Jake Nicklin- For demonstrating great knowledge in his recent Year 10 Business lessons.


Harry Willis- An amazing sports leader at the Primary school Pentathlon Championships at Costello.


Ryan Winwright- Worked really hard on his mixed media fish project.

Sienna Lowley and Lilly Dale- Fantastic attitude to learning in producing high quality work within their art lesson.


Elis Dragnea - Massive improvement in attitude to learning in Geography lessons.  Brilliant contributions in class.

Mysha Leigh Dennett - Consistently producing high quality work and showing a fantastic attitude to learning in Geography

Phoebe Armstrong - Impressive and mature attitude to revision and mock exams in Geography


Megan Winter- Produced an excellent answer interpreting lifestyle and BMI data. She always works hard and puts in lots of effort during lessons.

Health and Social Care

Kiera Atkinson for her contributions and answers in class which help move learning to a higher level

Active Learners:

The following students were the top students in their House for earning Active Learner rewards this week. They will receive a free breakfast voucher next week.

Challenger- Carla Markham

Discovery- Ronnie Boulton

Enterprise- Tilly Webster

Pioneer- Luke Musgrave

Voyager- Vittorio Gato

Year 11- Lucy Dell

Year group spellings for the upcoming week:

The spelling of the words below will be tested in all year group English lessons this coming week. Please ensure that your child has spent time practicing these words as part of their English homework.

  1. autumn 
  2. development 
  3. imaginary
  4. beautiful 
  5. diamond 
  6. improvise
  7. beginning
  8. diary 
  9. industrial
  10. believe 

Sporting events:

Monday 16 March 2020

Year 10 Boys Rugby League v Wolfreton (A)

Tuesday 17 March 2020

Year 9 Girls Netball at St Marys College

Wednesday 18 March 2020

 Year 8 Boys Rugby League v St Marys College (H)

Under 14s Girls Football v St Marys College (A)

Thursday 19 March 2020

Year 8 Girls Netball at St Marys College

Friday 20 March 2020

Support classes

All Year 11 support classes can now be found on the main page of the app in the Year 11 Intervention timetable tile.

Key dates

The ‘key dates’ tile on the main app contains all Parents Evening dates for the entire year as well as other notable events.

The next parental bulletin will go live on Friday 20 March 2020; enjoy the week.

Mr A Kay (Assistant Vice Principal for Pastoral and Attitudes to Learning)

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