Message from the Head of School:

Another incredibly busy week here at Sirius West. Students have been working hard to finishing our English and Art wall design which features all of our GCSE English Literature set texts cross referencing their themes. The art work looks fantastic and something the students and staff involved should be very proud of.

Our KS3 year groups have had their sports day, students have enjoyed the opportunity to play and compete in a range of sports and athletics over at Costello. Winners across all three year groups have been celebrated and I believe a Sirius 100m record that has been held for the last 6 years has been broken by Alfie Phillips one of our Year 8 students. Well done Alfie.

Next week will be our last week before the summer holidays and it is important you continue to encourage your child to attend. The summer sizzler ice cream give away is still running and with the weather warming up it’s the perfect time to win!  There are a range of visits and trips happening next week, we hope the students have a fantastic time; they deserve it after all they have done and endured this last academic year. A free lunch on Friday 23rd June will be available for all students before they leave the Academy at 12:30pm to begin their summer holiday.


Gemma Ransom (Head of School)

RESPECT for Community- General Academy news

Sports Days

We are lucky at Sirius Academy West that our fantastic Geography teacher, Mr Boatin produces high-quality videos from events. Below are three videos from Sports Day over the past two weeks which he has put together for students, parents / carers and staff to enjoy:

Year 7 video:

Year 8 video:

Year 9 video:

The Year 10 Sports Activity Day is scheduled for Monday 19th July.

Personal Development Pathway

A reminder that students have until Tuesday 20th July to continue to add to their Pledge Passports in their student planner.

Congratulations to all those students that are completing the individual challenges, writing their personal accounts and getting teachers to sign off on them.

Please see below some amazing examples.

Another bumper week with lots going on! Sports Days for Year 8 and Year 9, Inflatable Reward Days for nine lucky Tutors, Student Leadership Group interviews for students in Year 10, an Eden Camp Trip for Year 9...

Too many to name them all! These are all perfect examples that can be used to update your planner. Things you should be proud of and things you should remember.

Remember one student in each Year Group will be selected, based on the quality of their Pledge Passport, to receive £100 worth of vouchers for a local attraction to use with their family.

Planners should be shared with Tutors and Year Leaders for the chance to win.

RESPECT for Education- Celebration of Students

The students listed below all received a Celebration Event from Cornerhouse as a thank you for their fantastic contributions to the Peer Mentoring programme throughout this year. The students have been a real credit to the Academy and the help they have given younger students ius a perfdect example of our RESPECT for Others and Community values.

James Gooch
Lily Collins
Amy Grey
Alessia Grama
Isabelle Brown
Timurs Kivrins
Amber Leake
Helena Newlove
Isobel Kitching
Libby Manning
Jacinth Hillerby- Morgan
Dylan Marris
Nicole Lyon
Kirsty Hughes
Megan Myers

Highest RESPECT stamp students of the week

Each Monday morning tutors collate the amount of RESPECT stamp each student has collected throughout the previous week.

Each time a student goes past 50 stamps they will receive a certificate from their Year team. Each time they goes past 100 stamps they will receive a VIP pass which entitles them to free items from the canteen at lunch-time:

Year 7- Rosina Baker
Year 8- Mateusz Kaliszewski
Year 9- Tirej Zeido
Year 10- Izzy Lawford

RESPECT for Education- Curriculum Area ‘Students of the Week’

Each Curriculum Area will nominate a student each week who has shown through their lessons that they have met the RESPECT values of the Academy. The reason for the selection is highlighted below:

Curriculum Area

Student Name

Reason for Nomination


All Year 10 students involved in the Science Drop-Down Day.

For making the Science team proud of their work ethic, determination and focus in the Science drop down day. They were a credit to themselves for the full day.


Ahmad Alsaghir

(Year 10)

For consistent hard work and improvements all year to surpass his target.


Bailey Taylor

(Year 7)

For making excellent progress throughout the year and growing in confidence. He was really proud of his end of year assessment score. At the start of the year as was so shy and it is great to see he has come out of his shell. He has settled in well at Sirius and is making good progress in maths, which has gone from his least favourite subject at primary school to now being his favourite. Keep up the good work Bailey.


Freya Donkin

(Year 10)

For excellent progress this year in German. Especially in the listening parts.


Maddie Coulson

(Year 7)

 For offering to help another group with their assessment performance and doing a fantastic job as their narrator! Thank you and well done, Maddie!

PE and Sport

Alfie Phillips (Year 8)

Izzy Watts and Lydia Moore

(Year 10)

All three students broke the Academy records at their Sports Days:

Alfie Phillips- Year 100m- 12.05 seconds

Lydia Moore- Discus- 24m.24cm

Izzy Watts- Shot Putt- 10m.20cm

Final thought

“Learn from yesterday. Live for today. Hope for tomorrow”

This is the final Parental Bulletin of the year, thank you again for all of your support throughout this tough year. Enjoy a fantastic Summer and we look forward to September!

Mr A Kay (Assistant Head Teacher- Pastoral and Attitudes to Learning)

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