Message from the Head of School:

Dear parents / carers,

Although we reach the end of our last full week before the Christmas holidays and head towards the end of 2020, students at Sirius Academy West are continuing to work hard. I had the pleasure of meeting 17 Year 11 scientists this week who secured grades 7-9 on their mock examination in Biology. The students were determined, hardworking and resilient and Mr Evans the Director of Science and I could not be more proud. Each was presented with a Head Teacher’s award pin badge to wear proudly on their lanyards. Some of our high achieving Year 11 students have also been involved with a KS5 sixth form breakfast this week also with Mr Rhodes our Assistant Head for Post 16. He gave the students an excellent talk on next steps and support with any potential barriers in place.

Monday saw the final of the Year 5 Global Enterprise Week competition: The Safari Park Challenge. Teams from Adelaide, Ainthorpe, Christopher Pickering, and Rokeby fought it out presenting some excellent ideas to the panel of Dragons. All the children showed exceptional entrepreneurial skills creating VIP tickets, thinking about disabled access, justifying their locations, implementing educational activities for their visitors, one groups even had a mascot! It was ‘Siriusly’ difficult for the Dragons, and in the end, we had to award joint first place. Well done to Team Tiger from Adelaide Primary and Team Meerkat from Christopher Pickering Primary, both teams built an animal education centre for schools to use during their visits as well as members of the public. Each member of the winning teams will receive Hull Monopoly, with selection boxes given to all runners up. Well done to all involved!

Year 10 students organised a Charity Car Wash event this week showing not only RESPECT for others but also for their community. Well done to those involved.

Thank you again to all parents and carers for your support during a very challenging term. Please continue to encourage your child to wear a mask whilst in the academy and attend the academy when they are able to and to remain at home if they or anyone else in the household is showing symptoms or pending a test result.


Gemma Ransom (Head of School)

General Academy News

Events Management Charity Car Wash

Our Year 10 Events Management students organised and ran a charity car wash as part of their planned and organising events for their course. The students were fantastic throughout and raised an amazing sum of money for the Like for a Kid charity.

Christmas ‘Just Read’ menu

Mr Chambers has released his fantastic ‘Just Read’ menu for the Christmas holidays. Students can order a book to read over the holidays by emailing [email protected] and the book will be delivered to the tutor room.

Mental Health Support website

HeadStart Hull have produced the following website, which is targeted to support both young people and their families in these challenging times. If you have any questions or feel you, require any additional support then please contact the Year Team of your child to discuss:

Science STEM Advent Calendar

Keep an eye out for our very own STEM advent calendar in the countdown to Christmas. This will be 24 daily Science based activities that you will be able to carry out at home throughout December! This will be published daily on Twitter and made high profile in KS3 Science lessons.

The SAW ‘Weekly Throwback’ memory

Each week we will take a trip down memory lane and share an old memory of students who have achieved or taken part in something whilst here at SAW.

This week we look back to October 2019 and when our amazing Dance group performed a fantastic contemporary hip-hop set at our annual Night of a Thousand Stars event at the Bonus Arena.

Curriculum Area ‘Students of the Week’

Each Curriculum Area will nominate a student each week who has shown through their lessons that they have met the RESPECT values of the Academy. The reason for the selection is highlighted below:

Curriculum Area

Student Name

Reason for Nomination


Isobel Kitching

(Year 10)

For completing outstanding work from home whilst self-isolating and being in constant contact, asking for work and being an all-round superstar in English.


Jacob Duffy

(Year 10)

For engaging fully with the home learning whilst the Year group has been isolating, sending work regularly and keeping in touch via email.

PE and Sport

Isabelle Brown

(Year 10)

For completing 3 miles in 25 minutes on the treadmill. 


Lucy Simpson, Amelia Ehlert and Owen Lewis

(Year 11)

Achieving a great mock result in Geography which reflects their hard work over the last few months.


Kalo Brown

(Year 7)

Fantastic effort in his History assessment and a great temporary addition to the class as a whole.


Jason Shapouri

(Year 10)

Excellent effort in History this week!

Beliefs and Values

Mia Sykes

(Year 8)

For a fantastic attitude to learning and excellent quality class work in BV this term!


Kasper Newby

(Year 8)

For completing all home learning tasks in MFL.


Issac Gwinnell

(Year 8)

Has shown dedication to his learning and developing skills inside and outside of the classroom. He has worked hard on some additional extension tasks showing his determination to make continued progress on the piano.

Highest RESPECT stamp students last week

Each Monday morning tutors collate the amount of RESPECT stamp each student has collected throughout the previous week.

Each time a student goes past 50 stamps they will receive a certificate from their Year team. Each time they goes past 100 stamps they will receive a VIP pass which entitles them to free items from the canteen at lunch-time:

Year 7- Tyler Swann

Year 8- Djay Pulford

Year 9- Alexundru Lungu

Year 10- Evie Shepherdson

Year 11- Maisie Borman

Final thought

“Sometimes the most productive thing that you can do is relax”

The next parental bulletin will go live on Friday 8th January 2021; enjoy the holidays.

Mr A Kay (Assistant Head Teacher- Pastoral and Attitudes to Learning)

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