Year 11 Bulletin – February

'The Big 6’ Challenge

Year 11 students are working towards ‘The Big 6’ challenge, challenging them to improve by 6 grades across 6 subjects from their December to March mocks. This must include improvement in both English and maths. If students are successful in this, they will gain the opportunity of visiting Alton Tower’s to take part in their ‘Big 6 Challenge’, in which visitors are challenged to ride the biggest 6 rollercoasters, The Smiler, Th13teen, Rita, Nemesis, Air and Oblivion, all free of charge. If Alton Towers is a little too thrill-seeking, a voucher alternative will be available! The subjects included in the Big 6 Challenge are:

  1. Maths (average across all 3 papers)
  2. English Literature (Paper 2)
  3. Science grade (first grade from combined science, or biology if triple science is studied)
  4. Science grade (second grade from combined science, or chemistry if triple science is studied)
  5. Physics (if triple science is studied)
  6. Geography or MFL (if studied)

If a student does not take 6 of these subjects, they must increase their mock grades by the number of subjects that they do take, e.g. 4 grades across 4 subjects (including English and maths) if they only take 4 of the listed subjects.

Mock Exam Timetable:

February Half Term Revision / Intervention

Almost 500 revision and intervention sessions were attended over the half term period. Well done to the students for this dedication and thank you to parents and families for supporting this.

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