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Starting at Sirius – My First Few Months

Tom Watts – Sixth Form President

After exactly 190 days away from school, the new batch of Y12’s students returned to Sirius to begin their college journey. It seems months ago all of us eager, fresh-faced, and slightly socially inept (courtesy of a strenuous lockdown) students began at the College @ Sirius, though we are only concluding the first half term. The last six weeks have been truly jam-packed, with much going on and lots to keep up with.

It’s safe to say the pool cues have never been blunter and the chalk has completely disintegrated, as the pool table has been the focal point of college socialisation. Whilst there is no clear Earl Strickland amongst the group thus far, some have triumphed consistently over others (Jack and Alfie in particular) whilst some have struggled to, well, hold the cue (Libby, Grace, it’s not personal).

The subject of ‘chairs’ has also consumed much of the first half term. What began as an in-the-midst of lockdown joke, has now fathomed into a reality, cultivating in the form of roughly 10 leather recliners perched semi-circularly within the common room. These chairs, (from experience) are extremely comfy - 10/10, would highly recommend.

The common room and balcony have also been the birthplaces of some iconic TikToks and laughs too, accompanied by the scenic backdrop of the Humber Bridge. However, amongst the jokes and laughs, and renditions of Brooklyn 99’s ‘I Want It That Way’ scene (It was criminology so yes, there was an educational relevance), we have genuinely worked our socks off too.

After finalising our subject choices for the next two years, (it’s been a tough choice hasn’t it, Martyna) we’ve now been able to fully immerse ourselves into our studies. Chemistry lesson entailed learning about electronegativity, and in biology a deeper insight into biological molecules. In maths we have expanded our knowledge of quadratics from GCSE, with the lovely help of Michelle and Teresa; and the geography department has seen some epic cakes being produced!

It’s undoubted that our return to education, despite the odds and having everything stacked against us, has gone swimmingly and allowed us to return to a safe, yet somewhat normal college routine; thanks to the tremendous work of Rick, Lynne and Lisa. The support we have been offered during these tumultuous times has been invaluable. A week off is certainly due, and we’re all anticipating the equally intellectually-challenging and time that lies ahead.

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