16 – 19 Tuition Plan

In September 2020 the Government organised one-off funding for students whose learning has been disrupted. This funding is dedicated to enable small group tuition for learners who had not achieved grade 4 in GCSE English or Maths by the age of 16.

The Sixth Form will be using this additional funding to deliver small group intervention sessions, in all subjects for students who had not obtained that Grade 4 in English and Maths.  These sessions will prioritise English or Mathematics, ensuring that substantial progress can be made by those students concerned.  These sessions will be apart from the usual timetabled sessions and take an intensive form, with a view to impact and outcome.  They will take place in a centralised environment, delivered by the Academic Performance arm of the Sixth Form.

It will be necessary, in the use of this funding, to have particular regard for students who have qualified SEND status.  Particularly where their additional needs have resulted in enhanced disruption.

All students who are provided the additional academic sessions will work towards measurable targets to ensure that effective progress is made.  Progress will be monitored, tracked, reviewed, and evidenced as part of this process to ensure that all funding is utilised appropriately and in line with the guidance.

These sessions will be in addition to the hours students are expected to undertake as part of their main study programme and therefore will be distinctive as such.

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