Welcome to the KS3 Curriculum Guide for Sirius Academy

From September 2018 the Academy will implement a number of changes to the structure of the current timetable and curriculum to increase the chances of success and promote progress for all students.

KS3 will now include Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9. It is hoped that this increased time within KS3 will provide them with the fundamental skills and knowledge required to best contend with the challenges of KS4 and exam-based courses.

The increased time within KS3 will also create the time required for a broader and more balanced curriculum, allowing additional time in more practical subjects such as Art, Drama, Music and Technology.

All students will be formally assessed, within every subject, at three different times during each academic year. This analysis will be generated by test performance and regular classroom assessments. The Academy will look to mimic the successful approach within Primary Schools and traditional grades will be replaced by age-related expectations.

Age-Related Assessments: Descriptors



The student is performing above the academy expectations for a student of the same age within the subject. 



The student is performing in line with the academy expectations for a student of the same age within the subject.



The student is performing slightly below the academy expectations for a student of the same age within the subject. 



The student is performing below the academy expectations for a student of the same age within the subject.

Continuous assessment of student progress and performance is essential to ensuring students fulfil their potential. Regular analysis of these assessments will provide accurate data to inform curriculum planning, track individual students’ strengths and weakness, and develop bespoke strategies for different cohorts of students.

The progress of individual students will be based on their performance in KS2 and their SATS outcomes from Year 6. It is expected that students will either maintain their age-related performance throughout KS3 or advance to a higher age-related performance. The SATS results achieved by your child are below and indicate potential performance within KS3.

The student planner provides a means of communication between home and the Academy. We encourage parents/ carers to check their child's diary regularly to ensure homework tasks have been completed.

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