The Hull Music Hub

This is a collaboration of several organisations in Hull who together offer4 a range of activities and opportunities for young people to access and experience music.  Full details are on the website but briefly includes; Schools, Academies and Colleges, the Local Authority, the City Arts Unit, the Youth Development Service, Hull University and the Hull Philharmonic Orchestra plus several national organisations e.g. the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Music 4U, The Sixteen and the Early Music Centre.

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The Hull Music Service

Is the Lead Organisation for the Hull Music Hub and delivers the bulk of the core and extension roles as directed by the National Plan for Music Education (NPME).  Being designated the Lead Organisation has secured the Arts Council Funding for the Music Service for the last four years and also for next year too.  The Hull Music Hub has the responsibility to deliver the NPME and the Music Service has the vital role, on behalf of the Hub, of ensuring not only this aspect of delivery but also meeting all the requirements of the Arts Council e.g. collecting, collating and reporting data and also responding to Ofsted and DfE policies and strategies as appropriate.

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