PSHE Intent

Why is the study of PSHE Important?

PSHE promotes the understanding of many important issues faced today by young people.  PSHE is an academic subject that equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become independent and successful members of society.  PSHE at Sirius Academy West covers key areas such as relationships and sex education, careers education, economic education, drugs education, etc.  It teaches students to recognise and take action around mental health issues, personal health, discrimination and other issues impacting on young people.

PSHE is a statutory subject in line with government guidance, it enables students to work on age appropriate topics in a safe environment.  It encourages skills of participation, confidence, resilience, and assertiveness.  It gives students the skills and knowledge they require to become empowered as they join the adult world.

During the course students will be able to consider their strengths and weaknesses and plan for improvement, they will be encouraged to explore their next steps towards their future careers and plan for them.  Students will be asked to consider their relationships and how healthy these are.  They will be given the skills to understand changing relationships.  Students study how to maintain a healthy body and a positive mental health and where to go for support if needed.

Everyone should know basic first aid and be able to perform basic life saving techniques.  This an important theme of PSHE and is taught to every person taking this course.  The skills of effective communication are also studied and students learn techniques to help them become more effective listeners and communicators.  This is a skill that is vital in all parts of everyday life and will support students in other subjects.

What will the study of PSHE Teach you?

Students in all year groups follow the Jigsaw Programme for PSHE.  Students follow the same topics in each year group, building on knowledge and skills gained in the previous year.  This allows them to work on age appropriate materials and to cement knowledge by revisiting topics.  Students study the following 6 topics;

Dreams and Goals
Celebrating Difference
Being Me In My World
Healthy Me
Changing Me

As well as the specific subject knowledge gained from studying PSHE, students will develop many transferable and work-related skills that are highly valued by employers and which will help them in other subjects.  For example students are taught to;

  • analyse and evaluate information
  • communicate effectively with individuals and groups
  • make informed decisions
  • think logically and propose solutions
  • put together well-judged arguments and question assumptions
  • manage time, learn independently and share ideas
  • work as part of a team and take on responsibility
  • interpret, use and evaluate data
  • relate knowledge gained to situations

How does the study of PSHE support your study in other subjects?

PSHE has close links with Science, Health and Social Care, English, Food Technology and Physical Education.

Science and Physical Education links – The structure and function of major organ systems of the human body are important in PSHE.  This is linked to possible conditions that can occur if the organ systems do not correctly function or if lifestyle choices impact negatively on the function of the organ system.  First Aid is also linked closely to the impact on the function of the body.

English – PSHE teaches methods to improve effective communication.  Students look at active listening and the impact on communication.  Students debate issues in PSHE.

Food Technology – PSHE teaches about the impact of healthy eating on the body.

Health and Social Care – PSHE teaches first aid, which is also taught in Health and Social Care.  It teaches about physical and mental health issues.

Key assessment objectives

At Sirius Academy West, students are assessed at the beginning and end of each module of work.  This allows a judgement on prior understanding to be gained by the teacher and built upon.  It also allows progress to be seen within the unit of work.  The teacher will be assessing informally during lessons to ensure gaps in knowledge are closed.

How can the study of PSHE support you in the future?

PSHE will support all students as they move onto the next stages of their lives.  It gives then the skills and knowledge to plan for the future and the resilience overcome barriers.  PSHE equips students with the knowledge they need to function as successful members of the adult community.

PSHE Overview

All students in KS3 and 4 are taught a 50 minute lesson each week for PSHE.  This is taught by a dedicated teacher in a dedicated lesson on the timetable.  This teaching is supplemented by off timetable learning and trips.  It is also supplemented cross curricular in other lessons.

All year groups follow the same rotation of topics, however the content alters depending on the age of the students.

Year Group

Area of Study.

Dreams and Goals

Students look at their hopes for the future, they consider careers, relationships and their personal dreams.  Students look at where they are now and what they need to do to reach their goals.  They study target and goal setting, look at resilience, understand self evaluation.  They learn where support can be found for their goals and how to reach their goals.

Celebrating Difference

Students look at differences between themselves and others, they understand the impact of discrimination and stereotyping.  Students study the Equality Act and understand how this supports the rights of different groups of people.  All protected characteristics in the Equality Act are covered.

Being Me In My World

This unit of work helps students consider issues such as self confidence and self-esteem.  They look at body image and the role of the media in determining how we feel about ourselves.  Students learn to self evaluate and work towards improving their weaknesses and building on their strengths.


Healthy Me

Students learn how to keep the body healthy.  This includes physical health and mental health.  They learn where support can be found and how to support others.  Students consider the choices they make and whether these are safe choices and healthy for them.  Students look at issues surrounding drugs education, gambling, gang culture and exploitation.


In this unit students cover all types of relationships, from friendships, to family, from working relationships to intimate relationships.  Students learn what is healthy and unhealthy in a relationship.  What behaviours they can exhibit and how these would impact on their relationships.  Students understand where help can be sort if needed and how to recognise signs of unhealthy relationships.

Changing Me

This unit encourages students to look to the future.  It covers changes in life such as changes in puberty.  It also considers changes such as moving to KS4 for exams and moving to college for A Level or equivalent study.  Students are taught to consider what has been a part of their success and how they can use this in the future and what behaviours have held them back.  Students make plans to improve any negative behaviours. 

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