Year 9 Options Process

Due to the changes in the accountability measures for all schools, the list of recognised courses stipulated by the Department for Education, and the availability of some exciting new courses, we are proposing to embed a new and exciting programme of study for all students currently in Year 9.

This proposed change, which will be ready for September 2018, provides all students with the unique opportunity to review progress and development in current subjects and courses, before making informed decisions that will influence their timetable for Year 10.

The rationale for the change is to increase the potential for success at the end of Year 11 for all students, provide a wider variety of engaging and inclusive courses, make better use of the current resources, facilities and expertise at the academy, and provide a more enjoyable and productive experience. Parents, carers and students should be aware that some of the subjects and courses currently available in Year 9 will not be available moving into Year 10. However, similar courses may still run but in a different format.

It is highly recommended that students make the most of the support provided to gain a sound understanding of the different options available to them. Students should seek to select courses based on interest, future career aspirations, previous performance in Year 9, and chance of success in Year 11.

All students, and their parents and carers, are invited to the Year 9 Parents' Evening on Thursday 10th May 2018 at the academy. This will provide those in attendance with the forum to discuss possible options and course appropriateness with key staff in each department. All Options Forms need to be completed and brought back to the academy by Friday 18th May 2018.

Students should take their time to consider their Pathway-specific Options Booklet linked to this page and review the different courses available to them. For any additional information regarding the Options Process please contact Mr Gordon or Mr Burnham at the academy.

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