Year 9 Options Process

Students in Year 9 will start the options process in March and April in preparation for starting selected courses when they commence Year 10 in September. The options process, including both an Options Day for students to sample the different courses that are available and an Options Night for parents and carers to discuss the options with key staff at the academy, will provide students with the chance to make relevant and informed decisions. It is hoped that this extended process will result in all students choosing courses and subjects that are appropriate and give them the best chance of success and fulfilment. 

In Year 10 most students will follow a core curriculum that is non-negotiable and will then be provided with a variety of option courses that they can select to supplement their individual timetable. It is highly recommended that students make the most of both the Options Day and Options Night, and the support provided, to gain a sound understanding of the different options available to them.

Students should seek to select courses based on interest, future career aspirations, previous performance in Year 9, and chance of success in Year 11. We try to give as many students their first choices as possible but this is not always possible due to staff availability and/or lack of demand in a specific course. Thus, we ask students to select a number of preferences so that we can use third, fourth or fifth choices should a course be deemed not popular enough to run.

Students should take their time to consider their Pathway-specific Options Booklet linked to this page and review the different courses available to them. For any additional information regarding the Options Process please contact Mr Gordon or Mr Burnham at the academy.

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