The College @ Sirius

Why Study Here?


Over the past five years the College @ Sirius – the in house Post-16 provision for the Constellation Trust – has transformed, from a small entity primarily offering vocational courses and Level 2 provision, to an academic powerhouse. With our small class-sizes, bespoke, offer and the focus on individual excellence we are now proud to be recognised as one of the best Post-16 providers in the region.

Whilst we are extremely proud to be part of the Constellation Trust, and located within Sirius Academy West, we are far from a school. A significant part of our responsibility is to make sure our students enjoy a period of maturation, they prepare themselves for the adult life they are about to enter. We encourage independence, a focus on next-steps and the notion that all students can, and therefore should, expect the best outcomes themselves and each other.

So if you want to attend a college where you are treated as an individual and supported academically and emotionally during your studies. A college where your views are welcomed and listened to. A college where staff and students work together to equip you with the skills needed for Higher Education and the world of work. A college where you are given the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

We believe The College @ Sirius is the place for you.

Entry Criteria

  • 5 GCSEs at 4 or above including English and maths.
  • A Levels – you will be expected to have achieved a 5 or a 6 in the GSCE subject you wish to study.

Still Accepting Applications: Contact [email protected] to apply.

Performance Data

Performance Data for The College @ Sirius – VIEW

Given the uneven impact of the pandemic on school and college performance data, the government has said you should not make direct comparisons between the performance data for one school or college and another, or to data from previous years.

  • Student Testimonial

    Tom Watts: Sixth Form President

    After exactly 190 days away from school, the new batch of Y12’s students returned to Sirius to begin their college journey. It seems months ago all of us eager, fresh-faced, and slightly socially inept (courtesy of a strenuous lockdown) students began at the College @ Sirius, though we are only concluding the first half term. The last six weeks have been truly jam-packed, with much going on and lots to keep up with.

    It’s safe to say the pool cues have never been blunter and the chalk has completely disintegrated, as the pool table has been the focal point of college socialisation. Whilst there is no clear Earl Strickland amongst the group thus far, some have triumphed consistently over others (Jack and Alfie in particular) whilst some have struggled to, well, hold the cue (Libby, Grace, it’s not personal).

    The subject of ‘chairs’ has also consumed much of the first half term. What began as an in-the-midst of lockdown joke, has now fathomed into a reality, cultivating in the form of roughly 10 leather recliners perched semi-circularly within the common room. These chairs, (from experience) are extremely comfy – 10/10, would highly recommend.

    The common room and balcony have also been the birthplaces of some iconic TikToks and laughs too, accompanied by the scenic backdrop of the Humber Bridge. However, amongst the jokes and laughs, and renditions of Brooklyn 99’s ‘I Want It That Way’ scene (It was criminology so yes, there was an educational relevance), we have genuinely worked our socks off too.

    After finalising our subject choices for the next two years, (it’s been a tough choice hasn’t it, Martyna) we’ve now been able to fully immerse ourselves into our studies. Chemistry lesson entailed learning about electronegativity, and in biology a deeper insight into biological molecules. In maths we have expanded our knowledge of quadratics from GCSE, with the lovely help of Michelle and Teresa; and the geography department has seen some epic cakes being produced!

    It’s undoubted that our return to education, despite the odds and having everything stacked against us, has gone swimmingly and allowed us to return to a safe, yet somewhat normal college routine; thanks to the tremendous work of Rick, Lynne and Lisa. The support we have been offered during these tumultuous times has been invaluable. A week off is certainly due, and we’re all anticipating the equally intellectually-challenging and time that lies ahead.

  • When can I apply for the Sixth Form?

    Anytime during Year 11.

    You can apply through LogOn MoveOn or by emailing: [email protected]

  • How many subjects should I choose?

    Our students will usually choose at least three subjects from our course list. These can be a mixture of A Level and Applied General. You may choose four, or compliment your offer with an EPQ.

  • What is the minimum entry criteria for Sixth Form?

    We ask that all students achieve at least a Grade 4 in English and Mathematics and three other Grades at 4 or above.

  • Study Programme

    The Key Stage 5 study programme has been recognised as an absolute strength of our provision.  We engage with innumerable employers, higher education establishments and agencies to enrich the education of our students.  We recognise that whilst we want Post-16 education to be the highlight of our students’ time at Sirius, it is our responsibility to prepare students for their next steps.

    Students receive an individualised, bespoke plan, targeted at their preferred destination.  This includes, early expert UCAS support.  Paid entry for any pre-assessment exams that students need to take for their Oxbridge or Medicine applications. University visits.  Local and regional employer sessions and meetings.  Engagement with and talks from University students to ensure that our students receive a realistic picture of life in Higher Education.  This is to name but a few.

    In the past year we have visited over thirty higher education providers, offered talks and meetings with hundreds of employers and had a record number of students apply for University, including a significant number attending Russell Group and Oxbridge Universities.

    All of our activities are completely free as we do not feel money should be a barrier to an outstanding education.

  • Admissions

    Admissions Criteria

    It is expected that our most capable Year 11 Sirius Academy West students will progress on to study at our Sixth Form. We ask that any student who wishes to study with us receives at least a grade 4 in English and Maths and three other subjects at grade 4. Normally, where an A Level subject has a GCSE equivalent, we will look at student outcomes to explore viability for specific courses. Progression to the Sixth Form will always be at the discretion of the Sixth Form Team.

    Students will be expected to undertake at least 15 hours guided learning per week, this means at least 3 A Level subjects or a mix of A Level and vocational cumulatively totalling at least 15 hours.

    Whilst the majority of our Sixth Form is made up of Sirius Academy West students, we encourage applications from any external candidates or other schools located in our Multi-Academy Trust. Should any external candidate wish to enquire about an application, please contact: [email protected].


    How to Apply

    The application cycle for the Sixth Form takes place, primarily, when students are in Year 11. In September/October students will be contacted during their tutor period to make applications. This is usually done through LogOn MoveOn. Students will then receive an invitation to a Sixth Form progression meeting with the Assistant Headteacher: Post 16. From this a conditional offer will be made, conditional offers state that, as long as students achieve the minimum entry criteria, they will gain entry the following September.

    Throughout the year there are a number of events/activities directed at Year 11 students to ensure the progression from Key Stage 4 to Key Stage 5 is a seamless one. These include an Open Night in October, keeping warm events in the Spring and Summer and a bespoke, individual offer for students as they progress through their final GCSE year.

    Final decisions regarding full-acceptance to the Sixth Form is made on GCSE results day. On the day students will collect their results and, should they meet the entry criteria, receive their acceptance to the Sixth Form and a notification of the expected start date.

  • Exclusions and Attendance

    All students must maintain a good standard of attendance.

    This is around 95% for all subjects they choose.

    Failure to attend regularly, and failure to report – in good time – any absence could result in the following:

    • Exam disapplication.
    • Rescinding of college place.
    • Attendance monitoring programmes.


    We expect students to maintain a good standard of behaviour.  Any failure to meet these standards will result in a meeting with the Assistant Head of College, and, if serious enough, could result in a meeting with the Head of College.

    Where students exhibit extreme misbehaviour, unbecoming of a Sixth Form student, they may be asked to leave the Sixth Form.  This will be at the discretion of the Head of College.  Extreme instances of bad behaviour may include, but are not necessarily limited to:

    –       Bullying or Harassment

    –       Sexual Harassment

    –       Prejudicial Conduct

    –       Any conduct that falls well-below the standard communicated to our students.


    This will be at the discretion of the Head of Sixth Form.

  • Oxbridge Aspirant Programme

    We are very proud of our recent legacy sending students to the top two Universities in the World.  Over the preceding years it has been our great pleasure to mentor a number of outstanding young people to pursue undergraduate degrees in English Literature, Social and Political Sciences, Natural Sciences and Law.

    It is our passion to ensure that any Sirius Academy West/College @ Sirius student has access to these higher seats of learning.  Our programme is designed to ensure that all students can, regardless of any material impediment.

    Our programme includes:

    • One to one tuition.
    • Interview planning and preparation.
    • Travel costs for interviews/open days.
    • Bespoke planning session throughout the year.
    • Early UCAS support and guidance.


    Additionally, all BMAT, UCAT, NSAA and LNAT exams* (usually around £50 per entry) are covered by the Academy. We feel money should not prohibit to our students accessing the best destinations in the country.

    We look forward to working with you to secure the next generation of outstanding Sixth Form students at these most prestigious of institutions.

    *These are entry exams that students have to take for certain courses when applying to Oxford, Cambridge, London Universities and for Medicine/Dentistry.

  • 16 – 19 Tuition Plan

    In September 2020 the Government organised one-off funding for students whose learning has been disrupted. This funding is dedicated to enable small group tuition for learners who had not achieved grade 4 in GCSE English or Maths by the age of 16.

    The Sixth Form will be using this additional funding to deliver small group intervention sessions, in all subjects for students who had not obtained that Grade 4 in English and Maths.  These sessions will prioritise English or Mathematics, ensuring that substantial progress can be made by those students concerned.  These sessions will be apart from the usual timetabled sessions and take an intensive form, with a view to impact and outcome.  They will take place in a centralised environment, delivered by the Academic Performance arm of the Sixth Form.

    It will be necessary, in the use of this funding, to have particular regard for students who have qualified SEND status.  Particularly where their additional needs have resulted in enhanced disruption.

    All students who are provided the additional academic sessions will work towards measurable targets to ensure that effective progress is made.  Progress will be monitored, tracked, reviewed, and evidenced as part of this process to ensure that all funding is utilised appropriately and in line with the guidance.

    These sessions will be in addition to the hours students are expected to undertake as part of their main study programme and therefore will be distinctive as such.

  • Notable Alumni

    Even though we’re always sad to see our students go at the end of their two years with us, it’s great to see all the fantastic things they go off to do.  Detailed below is a selection of our brilliant alumni, where they’ve gone and what they’re up to. 


    Graduated August 2017 

    • Dimitrios Grammenos 

    After achieving some top results in Law, Sociology and English Dimitri headed off to the University of Hull to undertake the LLB in Law.  In July 2020 Dimitri achieved a first-class honours degree in Law.  In addition to this, Dimitri was awarded the prize for top marks in Contract Law.  Dimitri now plans to put theory into practice and study the LPC at the University of Law in Leeds. 

    • Saskia Riches 

    Saskia studied Law, Psychology and English and achieved A*A*A.  She studied Law at the University of Leeds, one of the top Law schools in the country.  She obtained a 2:1 and now plans to pursue a master’s degree in Law. 

    • Andrei Girbacea 

    Andrei studied Law, Sociology and Psychology achieving some good results.  He went on to study Criminology at the University of Hull and achieved a 2:1. Andrei now plans to go into teaching. 


    Graduated August 2018 

    • Jennah Hancock 

    Jennah studied Law, Psychology and Sociology she achieved 3 A* grades and is now studying Law at the University of Leeds.  

    • Zak Macklin 

    Zak took four subjects at A Level: Law, Sociology, German and English Literature in addition to completing an extended project qualification.  Overall Zak achieved 5 A grades.  He is now studying Social and Political Sciences at Cambridge University as a member of Downing College. 

    • Caurtney Nicholson 

    Caurtney studied English, Law and Psychology during her a Levels, achieving AAB overall.  Caurtney now studies Law at the University of Hull. 

    •  Molly Johnson 

    Molly, now pursuing a degree in History at Manchester University studied Law, Sociology and History at Sirius, achieving AAB overall. 


    Graduated August 2019 

    • Danielle Fulton 

    Danielle is currently studying for a degree in Law at the University of Hull.  She achieved A*A*A at A Level in Psychology, Sociology and Law. 

    • Rio Campbell 

    In Art, Photography and Law, Rio received the grades A*A*A.  Rio now attends the University of Hull where she is studying for a degree in Law. 

    • James Jackman Wright 

    James studied Criminology, Law and Psychology.  He achieved A*A*A and now studies Law at the University of Hull. 

    • Alex Williamson 

    Alex studied English Literature, Language and Law in addition to completing an EPQ on adverse inferences from silence in criminal trials.  He now attends Oxford University, a member of Mansfield College and studies English Literature. 

    • Jamelah Hancock 

    Now studying Geography at Manchester University, Jamelah achieved A*AB in Geography, Psychology and Maths during her time at the Sixth Form. 


    Graduated August 2020 

    • Charlotte Wilkinson 

    Charlotte is currently reading Law at Cambridge University. Charlotte achieved grades A*A*A*A* in English Literature, English Language, Law and an EPQ in Law. 

    • Chloe Barnes 

    Chloe is currently studying Law at King’s College – Cambridge University. During her time at the Sixth Form Chloe achieved grades A* A A* A* in English Literature, Art, Law and an EPQ in Law. 

    •  Josh Cole 

    Josh is studying Natural Sciences, specialising in Physics at Cambridge University. He obtained A*A*A* grades in Physics, Maths and Further Maths. 

    •  Abbey Bradley 

    Abbie is studying English Literature at Oxford University after achieving A*A*A* in English Literature, Language and Sociology.