England Youth Rugby League Team

[18 Feb 2011]

Bobby Tyson-Wilson has been selected for the England Youth train on squad. As part of their preparation the squad have attended a 3 day training camp in Devon. Bobby has been picked out of the squad of over 40 players as someone that has perfomed particularly well. Below is a quote from Chris Rose the assistant coach of the squad. Please congratulate Bobby when you see him.

“The England Youth Rugby League Team were involved in a three day training exercise with The Royal Marines at the Commando Training Centre in Lympstone, Devon.

Ali Ibrahim of Hull FC was highlighted by the Royal Marines mentors for his impressive leadership skills and for demonstrating courage and resilience in a number of challenging situations. He continued to encourage his unit at all times throughout the three days, this being exemplary when considering he is one of the younger members of the squad. Bobby Tyson Wilson was also mentioned for his toughness and character on a number of occasions and was a superb example to others in his group.”

Chris Rose

England Youth Assistant Coach