Attitude To Learning

Attitude To Learning


Students at Sirius Academy West are expected to display an Attitude to Learning (A2L) that allows themselves and others the best opportunities to succeed and meets our RESPECT values. Students review their Attitude to Learning on a weekly and half-termly basis. All A2L Reviews are completed in the Student Planner to allow parents and carers access to the judgements.

Students strive to achieve the Expert Learner status and by doing so are rewarded with an Expert Learner badge to display on their blazer which allows them privileges around the building.

What Type of Learner Are You?

Rewards System


At Sirius Academy West we believe in rewarding our students for meeting the RESPECT values of our Academy. Our whole-school reward system sees students collect RESPECT stamps from staff in their student planners. RESPECT stamps can be awarded in every lesson and over the course of a full-term, students are working towards the following milestones:

75 stamps: MyEd message home and Certificate of recognition.

150 stamps: MyEd message home, certificate of recognition and voucher for breakfast or break-time food.

200 stamps: MyEd message home, certificate of recognition and golden ticket invite for the year group end of term celebration event.