Inter-House Cross-Country - Voyager Success!

The Inter-House Cross-Country held last week was a great success with over six hundred (634) students participating for their respective houses.

The overall winners were Voyager - so congratulations to all those who ensured their house came out on top! A great effort! ( Mr.Kay will be happy!)

The overall scores were as follows:-

Voyager   -       1st    359 Points
Discovery -      2nd   322
Enterprise -     3rd    317
Challenger       4th    298
Pioneer            5th    272


The first three in each individual event were as follows:-

YEAR 7 GIRLS   LEXI SIMPSON           8.23 D  

                       RUBY BENNETT        8.54  D

                       SIENNA LONGLEY    9.12  D 


YR 7 BOYS      LUCA ATKINSON           6.52  D

                        NICO  ATKINSON          7.09  D

                        MASON WALKER          7.22 P


YEAR 8 GIRLS LIBBY MANNING            7.05 C

                        LYDIA MOORE                 7.38  P

                        MACY-MAE CAMPBELL  7.54  V  


YEAR 8 BOYS - HARRY EAST                6.56   C

                          JORDAN SALISBURY   7.19   E

                          JOE WOOD                  7 .31  V


YEAR 9 GIRLS - SOPHIE YOUNG         8.00  V

                           AMELIA REED             8.13 E

                           AMELIA DEARING      8.19  C    



                             LENNIE ELLIS             7.00 C

                             BOBBY MORGAN      7.02 V


Many thanks to all students and staff who supported and contributed to the success of the events.

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Y6 Virtual Open Night - Transition Update

Due to the current restrictions that we all face we are unable to host our annual Open Night for prospective pupils and their parents/carers. We acknowledge the important decision that you all are set to make in selecting your preference for secondary education in 2021 and are keen for that decision to be an informed one.

Thus, we are hosting a Virtual Open Night on Thursday 8th October 2020 for all pupils that are considering Sirius Academy West as their destination for September 2021. The evening will feature the premiere of our own short film and also provide additional links to other informative videos. These will include introductions to key staff, testimonials from current students, overviews of the varied subjects and courses available at the academy, and an all access tour following a current student during an academy day.

The event will also promote the academy’s thorough transition programme that seeks to remove barriers to movement from Year 6 to Year 7 and allow all pupils to thrive on arrival. Despite the enforced closure in March, many pupils in our local Primary Schools have already started this journey with themed visits to the academy in Year 5. 

The academy has been heavily oversubscribed for places within Year 7 in recent years and we expect this to be repeated again this year. We encourage pupils and parents to not miss out!

For any additional information regarding the event, and/or details regarding the transition process, please contact Mr Gordon on (01482) 352939. All of the Year 6 pupils in our local Primary Schools will soon receive individual invites to their evening.

Year 6 Movie Night! WATCH HERE. Close Notice