12 Oct 2014

Young Writers Grim Tales

The winners of the Young Writers 'Grim Tales' competition were invited by Dr Taylor into the LRC to recognise and celebrate their success in this nationally-run initiative. The competition required students to compose a story with a 'sticky' or 'grim' ending in exactly 100 words. This brevity of composition requires a specific skill and the students' creations, which were judged to be of exceptional quality, were then included in the anthology of stories. A copy of the anthology has now been lodged at libraries and institutions nationwide for anyone to view. Pictured with Mr Little (KS3 Co-ordinator in English), who ran the competition, are: Abigail Hattersley, Viktorija Borovika, Kaitlyn Jasper, Favour Dim, Luke Riley, James Metcalfe, James Holdstock, Chloe Maestre-Bridger. Andrew Walker, Mollie Longden and Harley Robinson were unavailable. Well Done to all eleven students!

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