Our Academy

Our Academy



Sirius Academy West is an inclusive and ambitious educational community that delivers a high quality, engaging and innovative learning experience tailored to suit the individual needs of our pupils, prioritising their holistic academic and interpersonal development. At Sirius West we encourage intellectual curiosity, constructive scholastic discourse and the pursuit of excellence in every endeavour.

Through our state-of-the-art facilities, expert teachers and collaborative approach to learning our students leave us ready to make the seamless transition to further education, training or employment, securing purposeful, gratifying future vocations. However, our pursuit of excellence is not wholly consigned to the academic. We place substantial importance on developing resilient, emotionally literate and professional young adults.

Our Ethos


RESPECT typifies the values we expect every student to exhibit. Respecting each other, their environment and their education, to name but a few of our core values. This social and emotional development is supported and enabled by an exciting enrichment programme that offers pupils opportunities to learn new skills and participate in a wide range of learning taking them beyond our curriculum and the classroom. Our ‘pledges’ promote self-reflection, soft-skill development and enhanced cultural capital together with offering students great opportunities to develop into confident young citizens keen to contribute to their community.

Working Together

Feedback always welcome

Developing a cohesive bond between home and school is of utmost importance to us. If we share a continuity and consistency of message our children have a significantly increased chance of success. We look forward to an enjoyable and fulfilling relationship with you in the coming years as we work closely together in pursuit of this goal. We trust that parents, guardians and carers will engage fully with all aspects of Academy life and we welcome your comments and feedback.


Personal Development Pathway

Year Group Specific Pledges

Sirius Academy West is committed to providing all students with a wide range of additional opportunities and experiences which will develop life and employability experiences. We are very proud of the wide variety of extra-curricular clubs and activities that take place outside of the classroom.

The Personal Development Pathway enables students to track their commitment to extra learning and life experience opportunities by completing individual Pledges in their Student Planner. Every student has a different menu of year group specific Pledges.

Students are encouraged to bring in supporting evidence, such as photos or certificates, to verify the completion of a Pledge. Each Pledge must be signed off by a member of staff responsible for the completion of the task or their Form Tutor.

It is an expectation that every student should have the opportunity to complete their Pledges during their time at the academy. Completed Pledges and creative use of supporting evidence are rewarded and celebrated.

For additional information about the Personal Development Pathway students, and parents, are encouraged to get in contact with Mrs Faulkner or Mr Gordon.

We All Shine Brighter Together

Our Trust includes primary, secondary and an alternative provision school working together to provide the best learning opportunities for the pupils within our network of schools.

Each school serves its own community and has its own unique identity. Together we benefit from working in partnership, share good practice and have a joint central service support team.