Student Voice

Student Voice


At Sirius Academy West we pride ourselves on the relationships that our staff form with our students. We ensure that student opinions are considered and where possible implement student ideas that are passed through our student voice structure.

Student voice offers opportunities of responsibility for all year groups with each tutor group having a tutor representative to collect the opinions of students within each group. Year Captains are voted on in Year assemblies each year and are responsible for bring student voice of the Year group to the Student Leadership Group.

Our Student Leadership Group are selected from our Year 11 cohort and go through a process including interviews with members of the Senior staff team as well as presenting to all students within the Academy in assemblies. These students hold regular meetings with the Senior Leadership Team to discuss ideas to impact on the whole Academy community.

Student Voice Structure

  • Year 7 student voice representatives – VIEW
  • Year 8 student voice representatives – VIEW
  • Year 9 student voice representatives – VIEW
  • Year 10 student voice representatives – VIEW
  • Student Leadership Group structure – VIEW