Sirius Academy takes internet and computer safety very seriously

The academy uses an electronic "firewall" to control access to the internet. This means that students are unable to access inappropriate websites. The Safeguarding Team receives notification when breaches of the firewall are attempted. Where this involves safeguarding concerns students are spoken to in order to ensure their safety.

The academy safeguards students using our facilities via an external monitor. Students searching for terms suggesting they may need additional support or writing inappropriate or concerning statements are picked up by the safeguarding team so that appropriate actions and support can be put in place.

All students sign an agreement that clearly sets out the academy's expectations of computer users. Breaches of this are dealt with via the Discipline for Learning system.

The internet provides students with an incredible opportunity for research, communication and learning. The academy ensures that students are able to traverse it with confidence whilst also understanding that like other aspects of life they need to be conscious of their safety. Students learn about the potential dangers of the internet, email, chat rooms, and social networking sites like Facebook. They also learn what cyber-bullying is and how to deal with it.

The academy aims to make all of its students responsible and safe users of ICT.



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