Personal Development – Y7 First-Aid Training

[16 Nov 2020]

As part of the academy’s commitment to Personal Development and providing our students with different opportunities, we’ve had the chance to deliver Restart a Heart training to a number of our Y7 groups this week.

By the end of next week all our Y7 students will have received the training and will now have a basic understanding of how, and when, to provide CPR.

Survival rates from out of hospital cardiac arrest remain stubbornly low in the UK, with fewer than one in ten people surviving. If CPR were more widely taught, thousands of lives could be saved every year.

Around 80% of cardiac arrests happen in the home. As people are spending more time at home during COVID-19, that statistic may be higher at the moment. Learning CPR guarantees that you have the skills to help those around you, including in the home.

More information is available for students, and their families, by following the link below.

Completion of the training will also enable the students to evidence Pledge 5. The Personal Development Pathway and the Pledges will be launched with all students in the new year. Check out your individual planners to see what else is available this year!

Test link

Test link