Sirius Academy Dance on Derby Day

[22 May 2011]

Sirius Academy students teamed up with Northern Ballet and Hull College to put on a show stopping performance at half time of the Derby Day match between Hull FC and Hull KR on Friday 22nd April.

The documentary and the performance can now be viewed on Sirius Tube.

The project was designed to promote the 2012 Olympic Legacy, which aims to promote healthy lifestyles, physical activity and introducing youngsters to new and exciting activities.

Northern Ballet wanted to work closely with Secondary and Primary schools to promote dance and teamed up with Hull FC to help showcase the event.

Students completed a series of dance workshops at Sirius Academy led by students from Hull College in the weeks before the performance. In conjunction with this, 2 days was spent at the KC stadium practicing, rehearsing in preparation for the big event.

Students from Sirius worked with other pupils from St Marys Sports College and primary students from Spring Cottage, Gillshill and Endike to create a spectacular dance piece which was the half time showcase during the Good Friday derby match between Hull FC and Hull KR.

The behaviour and attitude of the students at Sirius was amazing, the leadership skills they demonstrated was outstanding and they really looked after the younger primary students and supported them with their dancing.

The icing on the cake was when students were waiting in the corner tunnels ready to run onto the pitch for their performance. The excitement in and around the stadium was tangible and when the Rovers Robin mascot came into our tunnel, he was suitably booed by all the dancers! Students really enjoyed the day and to be involved in an experience like that was a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity, and the memory of that will remain with all students and staff involved.

Well done and congratulations to the following students:

Jess Clarkson, Jess Coult, Elisha Coult, Natasha Wood, Danica Day, Monica Wharram, Natasha Friend, Anesse Jessop, Megan Hardy, Leah Jackson, Jodie Stanford, Danelle Paige, Sam Brown, Chloe Jade Scholey, Lauren Rainger, Rebecca Cooke, Jordan Wall, Bethany Pratt, Leah Jackson,

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