Sirius Academy Time capsule

[05 Jan 2011]

On Wednesday 16 June 2010, competition winners from Ganton Special School and Sirius Academy helped to bury a time capsule on the Sirius Academy building site. Sirius Academy ran a competition to see who could come up with the best ideas for items to bury. From Sirius Academy, the winners were Rachel Flynn, Charlotte Snee and Ryan Johnson. They chose to include a memory stick containing comments from students since Pickering School became Sirius Academy and a list of dreams for the future, school photographs, Sirius Academy stationery, a newspaper article from when Sirius won the Yorkshire Rugby Cup, a CD of the Sirius song, a Sirius Academy tie, and a copy of the Hull Daily Mail from that day.

Ganton Special school winners were: Sofia Allison and Macauley Mawston and they chose to bury a Ganton school mug, a memory stick with a design by the students a Ganton hat and pen and recent editions of Ganton news.

The time capsule was buried on the building site and will be dug up in 60 years time for future generations of school children to look at.