Sirius Academy will be built with 21st century learning in mind

[05 Jan 2011]

Sirius Academy will be built with 21st century learning in mind. The Academy will be flexible, exciting and innovative in its approach to supporting the learners and the wider community reach their potential. The ICT Vision will support the transformational Education Vision:

“The Academy will deliver high quality engaging and innovative learning experiences, raising the aspirations and prosperity of the local and global community in collaboration with partners. It will be an eco-Academy with National recognition for Excellence in its specialisms of Environmental Science and Sport.”

The Academy will be designed as an intelligent building, with safe and secure learning spaces. Some of them will be large and adaptable with moveable walls; some of them will be well-equipped specialist areas, while others are quiet areas for independent study.

As the academy develops and grows, the use of ICT will be constantly monitored and reviewed to ensure that it is servicing the changing needs and demands of learners, staff and the community. Resources will be re-purposed where appropriate and an ongoing cycle of replacement and enhancement will ensure that all users have access to the desired technology, which will be placed around the site best for the convenience of learning.