Sirius Dancers Qualify as Leaders

[10 Jun 2011]

A number of Year 9 students have spent the last 5 months completing their level 1 Dance Leaders qualification.

The students have spent an hour of their own time every Tuesday night training to become competent leaders.

They have had to complete 6 different units which include, planning and preparing for an activity, developing leadership skills, understanding healthy lifestyles, relationship between music and dance, creating a dance piece and opportunities in dance, as well as their final assessment.

Students have worked to develop a range of skills such as effective communication, organisation and teamwork. They have had to complete tasks such as leading a warm up, planning and delivering fun games and activities as well as completing a ‘leadership log book’ which details all their voluntary efforts as leaders.

Well done to the following girls for successfully gaining their accreditation:
Anesse Jessop, Jodie Stanford, Becky Cooke, Lauren Rainger, Megan Hardy, Leah Jackson, Sam Brown, Kara Harold, Monica Wharram

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Test link