OCR GCSE Computer Science

OCR GCSE Computer Science (J277)


Like all sciences, the goal is to learn how things work! In physics you will learn how the universe works, biology will teach you how the cells of every living being do their job. Computer science is exactly the same, instead this time you will be looking at the future!

Computer science explores what computers are made from, how all the different pieces of the computer work together. How we connect them into networks which span across the entire planet allowing us to share everything from important data to the latest memes! Let’s not forget the programming.

  • Programs that will be learnt

    Can’t Guess This

    • A program which generates a strong password.

    Dice Game

    • Two player game, each player rolls up to six dice.
    • To roll their next dice the two previous numbers must be sequential, any number out of sequence ends the round.
    • Player with the highest number of points per dice at the end of each round wins the point!


    • A number game where you have to master your 3, 5 and 7 times table in order to substitute the right word at the right time.
    • Get the wrong answer and game over!

    Lost, again! – The Unluckiest Traveller Alive

    • Another year, another island.
    • Plan and create a short text based adventure where the player must find a way to get off the island.
  • What will you study?

    Component 1 (J277/01) Computer Systems

    1. System Architecture
    2. Memory & Storage
    3. Computer Networks, Connections and Protocols
    4. Network Security
    5. System Software
    6. Ethical, Legal, Cultural and Environmental Impacts


    Assessment: Written exam paper (50%)

    • End of Year 11
    • 80 Marks
    • 90 Minutes

    Sample Paper 1: OCR GCSE (9-1) Computer Science J277/01 Computer systems SAM


    Component 2 (J277/02) Computational Thinking, Algorithms & Programming

    1. Algorithms
    2. Programming Fundamentals
    3. Producing Robust Programs
    4. Boolean Logic
    5. Programming Languages & Integrated Development Environments


    Assessment: Written exam paper (50%)

    • End of Year 11
    • 80 Marks
    • 90 Minutes

    Sample Paper 2: OCR GCSE (9-1) Computer Science J276/02 Computational thinking, algorithms and programming SAM

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Test link