#ThisWeekatSAW – 25th March 2022

[25 Mar 2022]

Message from the Head of School:


We are well into the spring term and we have only have 2 weeks left to go before the Easter break.

It has been a very busy term so far.  Last week saw 70 Year 11 students attending an overnight stay at Forest Pines where they participated in a carousel of Maths revision sessions.  Thank you to the Maths team for supporting the most crucial time of the year before exams take place.  The residential was a great success and the feedback from students was very positive.

We have held Y11 Parent Panel Meetings this week to help support our Y11 cohort further.  Parental engagement is very important to identify any additional support needed in the final weeks before exams take place across all subjects.  Your help and support with this is very much appreciated.

Be Her Lead sessions have also taken place this week.  The feedback from students included that they found these sessions really helpful in spending time talking about their own goals and they have enjoyed hearing about other women’s experiences.

During the Easter break there will be a 2-week full programme of Interventions taking place for Y11.  These sessions are run by subject specialists and are crucial for students to attend in the run up to their exams.  There are lots of trips and incentives to encourage students to be the best they can be too.

Finally, please continue to support the Academy by ensuring your child attends every day. Attendance to every lesson is vital for learning and progression in all years. Thank you for your continued support and please enjoy the lovely sunshine predicted this weekend!

Gemma Ransom (Head of School)

RESPECT for Community- General Academy news

Year 11 Prom

Sirius Academy West, and our Year 11 Events Team, are delighted to confirm arrangements for the Year 11 Prom. This will be the first Year Group to celebrate with a Prom in three years. All students that complete the requirements of the Prom Pledge will have the option to attend our Cloud Nine themed event to mark the end of their five-year journey at the academy. Friday 15 July. Humber Bridge Country Park Inn. We are asking all students to make a contribution of £10. The academy will cover the rest of the ticket cost as an appreciation of their commitment to completing the Prom Pledge. Tickets will go on sale from Friday 8 April. These can be purchased online using your individual Parent Pay account. Official tickets will then be produced, and released, once all the Prom Pledge criteria has been achieved.

Picking Up and Dropping Students

We are having an increase in the vehicles on the Academy site in the morning and afternoon. A reminder that no parents / carers should be driving onto the Academy site, either from the Pickering Road or Anlaby Park Road South entrances. The only exception for this is for parents and carers who have discussed a medical drop-off with the Year Team.

As you will appreciate, we have over 1500 people in our site plus the Ganton access arrangements therefore additional vehicles cause both safety and logistical issues.

Locking up Bikes

Reminder to any students that bike into the Academy, students should lock their bikes up in the bike sheds at the front of the school. These sheds are locked at 8:40am and opened just prior to 3pm. Any bikes chained around the back of building are out of CCTV view. All bikes should be locked up with a bike lock, including those in the bike sheds.

The Big Walk and Wheel – Monday 28 March – Friday 1 April 2022

The Big Pedal is back… ish! Now rebranded to The Big Walk and Wheel. We did an incredible job raising the profile of sustainable travel last year and have continued to do different events throughout the year too.

We have since been awarded with the highest Modeshift Stars accreditation in the local area. Thank you to those that continue to contribute!

The Big Walk and Wheel will return from Monday 28 March but we will go big on Friday 1 April. This will include themed lessons in Year 7 and Year 8, bespoke enrichment clubs, bikes available in PE, QR Code hunts in the local community, Bike OTs, themed assemblies, etc. Lots!

Students will have the opportunity to win bike vouchers and secure a place on our Mountain Bike Trip to Dalby Forest.

We are encouraging all students to ditch the use of a car and a lift for a more active mode of transport.

The health benefits are huge. The financial benefits are even bigger at the moment too!

All parents/carers should have received a letter and we will be releasing more information via Twitter, Facebook and MyEd.

Contact [email protected] if you would like to know more.

RESPECT for Education- Weekly Focuses

This week the students have completed the following tasks in their Period 6 lessons. Please discuss with them as we continue to develop the knowledge of our students:

Weekly Student Planner Culture Task

Our focus in this week’s Student Planner Culture Task was on Mimi Anderson. Anderson is an extraordinary extreme-distance athlete who began competing events in her late 30’s. She is an advocate for mental health and eating disorder charities.

Votes for Schools Topic (Key Stage 3 students only)

This week the students discussed the topic of ‘Should animals ever be tested on?’

Character Education

This week in their Character Education lessons, students have focused on:

Year 7-10 students have looked at the Conversation Map which they learnt in their workshops with Kevin Mincher. They were challenged to go home and speak with family members using the skills learnt.

Year 11 students looked at positive communication and the effects that this has on stress levels. They discussed the benefits of this and how it links to their mind-set as they approach their exams.

RESPECT for Education- Curriculum Area ‘Students of the Week’

Each Curriculum Area will nominate a student each week who has shown through their lessons that they have met the RESPECT values of the Academy. The reason for the selection is highlighted below:

Curriculum Area Student Name Reason for Nomination


Ellis Shipley

(Year 10)

Working very hard in English with a desire to improve. Taking a genuine interest in An Inspector Calls and explores the text with enthusiasm.
Science Tyler Staves

(Year 10)

Consistent in his effort and dedication to Science. Always has a positive attitude.
PE Maisie Williams

(Year 10)

Outstanding performance in her Unit 1 external exam in BTEC Sport.
Geography Harvey Anson

(Year 7)

Always putting his best effort into his class work.
Geography Millie Foster

(Year 11)

Perseverance to improve grades by attending intervention.
History Megan Britton

(Year 11)

For a positive attitude and always willing to try her best in History lessons.
History Brooke Peacham

(Year 11)

Continuing to attend History lessons / intervention and willing to try her best.
History Sienna Davies

(Year 11)

Always hard-working and consistently aims to be to the best version of herself
History Robert Welburn

(Year 8)


For engaging in the Titanic topic this half-term, always willing to contribute and asks some inquisitive questions.
History Max Drury

(Year 8)


For having a mature attitude towards others and his History work.
History Hayden Pittock

(Year 9)

For always having a positive attitude towards others and his History work
IT Tyler Stevenson

Addison Murphy

Alfie Phillips

Danny Clark

(Year 9)

Excellent effort and results from the first Year 9 ICDL exam.

KS3 Spellings- RESPECT for Education

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 will be tested each week on a set of spellings. This is to improve their basic literacy skills. We encourage parents / carers to engage in this activity with your child to support their learning. This week’s spellings to be learnt are:

Year 7

  1. Congregation
  2. Infusion
  3. Rhythm
  4. Jewellery
  5. Dazzling
  6. Melancholy
  7. Festivities
  8. Glistening
  9. Throbbing
  10. Celebratory

Year 8

  1. Sadistic
  2. Deceptive
  3. Arrogant
  4. Duplicitous
  5. Eloquent
  6. Affable
  7. Treason
  8. Ignominious
  9. Charismatic
  10. Deformity

Year 9

  1. Magistrate
  2. Territorial
  3. Manslaughter
  4. Rendezvous
  5. Institutionalised
  6. Notoriety
  7. Recession
  8. Interference
  9. Disturbances
  10. Judiciary

Final thought

“Nothing worth having comes easy”

The next parental bulletin will go live on Friday 31st March 2022; enjoy the weekend!

Mr A Kay (Assistant Head Teacher- Pastoral and Attitudes to Learning)

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