Year 7 Tag Rugby Champions

[07 Feb 2011]

Yesterday, 22 year 7 girls represented the academy in the next round of the Hull schools Tag rugby competition. Due to the increasing numbers of pupils participating in the after school enrichment we were able to represent the academy with two teams.

Team A:

Ebony Hepworth, Esther Godwin, Eilisha Furniss, Olivia Young, Olivia Palmer, Chelsea Yardley, Carmen Coates, Jourden Longdon, Jade Baynes, Megan Kay and Leoni Campbell.

Team A remained undefeated all day and went on to win the whole tournament!

Team B:

Olivia Wheatley, Rochelle Longbone, Rosie Mears, Sophie Potter, Toni Bigby, Chloe Antcliff, Caitlin Taylor, Emily Olesson, Cara McMurray, Callie Hayward and Melissa Tully.

Team B won 2 of their games and competed extremely well considering this was their first competition.

Everyone of the girls behaved impeccably and were a credit to the academy showing great pride and sportsmanship. If you see teach any of these girls would you kindly show them some appreciation from their hard work and attitude. A special mention needs to go to the Year 11 Rugby Leader boys that helped run the tournament, again were outstanding.