Year 9 – Play in a Day Friday 6th May

[17 May 2011]

30 Year 9 students were involved with The Konflux Theatre to put together a ‘Play in a Day’

Students were tasked with exploring ideas based on further education and types of learning. Students participated in a number of drama activities to familiarise themselves with presenting to an audience and understanding the format and structure of a play.

The grande finale finished with the Year 9 students presenting their play to 4 classes of Year 7’s. The year 9’s informed students how to make decisions related to their options and how to access further information on career choices. The year 9 actors also shared information on different types of learners, academic, practical and mixed.

The year 9 actors were a credit to the Academy, their play was interesting, humorous and entertaining. The year 7 who watched the performance were also outstanding and demonstrated themselves to be a ‘quality audience’.

Thanks to all students who participated and for Rhonda Clarke who supported the students and Konflux Theatre throughout the day.

Students involved:
Amtaoj Vasdev, Leah Jackson, Harry Tyson Wilson, Jordan Wall, Dylan England, Liam Siggurdsson, George Scottow, Tom Wilson, Natasha Wood, Megan Hardy, Ryan Bentley, Kieron Easter, Michael Wilson, Kara Harold, John Godwin, Bethany Rymer, Becky Cooke, Sam Brown, Monica Wharram, Becky Giblin.

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Test link