Youth Dance Platform at Wyke College

[07 Feb 2011]

Last night 38 Sirius Academy Students from Years 9, 10 and 11 performed at the annual Youth Dance Platform at Wyke College. The students were impeccably behaved and their performances were superb. The Sirius students really held their own against the likes of Hull College and Wyke 6th form students. There were a total of 8 performances during the night from a variety of educational and youth groups.The atmosphere was amazing, with a variety of dance styles and levels being showcased. Each of the Sirius Year groups performed a seperate routine, they were completely professional throughout and really raised their game for the final peformance, I was extremely proud of them. Stand out performances from each year group were: Y11 – Brogan Humphrey,Y10 – Ruth Bentham, Chloe Godman and Y9 – Laura Yaxley, Jodie Stanford