1/3 of babies born in 2012 will live to 100

[28 Mar 2012]

Experts at the office for national statistics have explained how up to 1/3 of the people born in 2012 will go on to live to 100, with women likelier than men to reach the age due to their natural ability to live longer. People are always living longer these days and that is due to many reasons. We are encouraged to take more care of our health, we know a lot more about disease and therefore how to cure the disease and we have a better diet and are told to do more exercise than ever before. Statistics support this, back in 1961 there were only around 600 people who were 100 or older in Britain, now in 2012 there are around 13,000.

An interesting question would therefore be, just how long will people be able to live?

Courtney Lister Year 7 said: “I think people will be able to live to around 150, but after that old age will become too much.”

Courtney Skelton, Year 7 said: “People will probably live to about 130, I don’t think people can live longer than that because medicine can only do so much.”

“Old age is the most unexpected of all the things that can happen to a man.”


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