• What is an Academy?

    Academies are state-funded independent all ability schools established with the support of their sponsor from the education, business and faith sectors working with partners from the local community. Academies provide good school places and excellent teaching and learning environments, offering a broad and balanced curriculum focused on its specialisms.

  • Does opening an Academy adversely affect other schools?

    Quite the opposite. Academies are part of the local family of schools, sharing facilities and expertise with other schools and the wider community, contributing to raising standards across the whole area.

  • Are Academies selective schools?

    No, they are all-ability schools. Like other specialist secondary schools they can admit 10% of learners each year on the basis of aptitude for their specialism. As Academies are independent they are their own Admissions Authority and as such set their oversubscription criteria in line with the Schools Admission Code and admissions legislation. Generally admissions arrangements are agreed with the Secretary of State through funding agreement when the Academy is established.

  • What about children with Special Educational Needs?

    Academies must have regard to the Special Educational Needs code of practice and statutory guidance on inclusion. An Academies independent status does not affect parents rights to appeal to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal.


  • How will Academies raise standards?

    Academies raise standards by innovative approaches to management and governance, teaching and the curriculum, and by involving highly committed sponsors who bring skills, expertise and resources.

  • Do Academies get more money than other schools?

    No, Academies are directly funded from the Department for Children, Schools and Families and per-learner running costs are the same as for any other local authority state school in similar circumstances.

  • Will sponsors profit from their involvement?

    No. Academies are separate institutions independent from their sponsors and are set up as charitable not for profit organisations. Sponsors will not benefit financially from their involvement with an Academy.

  • How are Academies accountable to their local communities?

    Academies are to be at the heart of their local communities and are established in consultation with local stakeholders. Local interests are represented on the governing body.

  • What will be included in the curriculum at the new Academy?

    It is the intention that the Academy will offer a broad and balanced curriculum. This will include a mix of academic and vocational qualifications with engaging learning experiences. Specific details of the full curriculum are in development and will be publicised in due course.

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