100% Weekly Attendance – Tutor Rewards

[23 Nov 2018]

Congratulations to Mr Basile’s Tutor for their outstanding attendance over the last few weeks. Since returning from Half-Term, E07-CBA have managed to completed two full weeks of 100% attendance! Tutors are rewarded for perfect attendance each week with a series of escalating prises. One week of 100% attendance enables students to receive a large tub of chocolate. A second consecutive week of perfect attendance is rewarded with breakfast for the Tutor. Tutors that manage to make it three in a row have the opportunity to feast on pizza! The photograph shows Mr Basile and his Tutor celebrating with their well-deserved breakfast courtesy of the Attendance Team!

All students have the opportunity of being rewarded for weekly 100% attendance and completing all five days at the academy on a Friday afternoon. The Attendance Team randomly select ten students each week to reward and celebrate with by dropping into their last lesson and issuing prizes!