A Day in the Wild plus A Night at the Academy

[05 Oct 2011]

Over 330 Year 7 students had a totally awesome day on Friday 30th September 2011, the sun shone and they took off to the great outdoors. During the day they all took part in a range of curriculum based activities and walks at Dalby Forest, providing them with first hand experiences. They then returned to the Academy in the evening where following a meal they set off on another fantastic unique range of activities within Academy.

Everyone had the opportunity to try their hand at Rock Climbing on the mobile Rock Climbing wall, with some scaling the heights with great speed and confidence. The high tech 3D Cinema provided an unforgettable experience of feeling as though they were part of the action. Business and ICT ran workshops using Movie Maker for all those budding Film Makers, whilst Science had some running for the doors as a Python (over 2 meters of it) was brought into our Deep Learning Zone by The Animal Experience. The nervousness continued as the Tarantulas crept around but the mood soon changed when the Meerkats arrived with everyone wanting the opportunity to hold one of the pair. Students were able in some cases to confront their fears and have a genuine ‘hands on’ personal experience that you don’t get by visiting a Zoo, as well as asking an arrange of investigative questions. A very tired Year 7 then made their way home, recounting amazing and incredible tales to their parents/carers of all their experiences from the day.