A Twist in the Tale Short Story Writing Competition

[24 Feb 2014]


It was fantastic to receive news this week that 15 of our students have been commended for their writing abilities and will be included in a new collection of short stories which will be published and distributed nationally and will also be available in libraries up and down the country. Furthermore, a copy of the anthology of stories will also be stored at the British Library, in memoriam, for generations to come.

The lucky winners are: Aimee Harris, Rhianne Melville, Ryan Hinch, Courtney Baxter, Akam Azad, Aimee Burton, Vladimirs Aleksejevs-Nikolajevs, Kallum Chaffer, Jordan Garton, Phoebe Ashton, Courtney Skelton, John Cooke, Amelia Watson and Nathan Voakes and are to be congratulated on their achievements.

Their entries will now go in front of a panel of judges who will decide which of the entries will be selected for the overall best. The book will be published on 30th April, 2014.

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