Bank Software Problem Causes Havoc

[27 Jun 2012]

Computer software malfunctions have led to massive problems for RBS and Natwest banks. The issues began on Monday when people’s account details and balances were not updated properly leading people to believe they had not been paid their wages or that they had less money in their account than they thought they should. This caused massive disruption in people’s lives, despite supposedly been fixed. The boss of RBS Stephen Hester apologised earlier this week saying: “this should not have happened, we are very sorry.” He went onto explain that no one would lose any money due to the complications. However, some people had already been inconvenienced, people had holidays cancelled due to the fact that their travel company thought they didn’t have the requisite funds in their account and one woman could not even afford the journey home as the bank hadn’t registered that she had been paid. Calls have been made for the bank to compensate those who have been harmed by their mistake.