BBC School Report – Scottish Referendum

[22 Sep 2014]


Sirius Academy’s School Reporters are another group who have become more interested in politics because of the referendum.

Fifteen-year-old Ashley said: “I was already engaged and interested in politics to start with. My family discuss issues all the time and tell us about the different opinions people have, the positives and negatives of things and tell us their own views too, but then we can make up our own minds.

“I like watching the news and learning about different things to do with politics so I will continue to do that.”

The programme The Thick Of It really got me into politics”

End Quote Chris, Sirius Academy

Natalie, 13, said: “I don’t really feel that strongly about politics but it has made me more interested, because it’s an historical event that will be remembered.

“I’ve been doing School Report for a while now and it’s made me more interested than I was and taught me more about politics because a couple of years ago if you’d asked me about politics I couldn’t answer but now it has helped me to understand more.”

Alex, 13, commented: “It’s definitely got me interested in politics. The fact they’ve got young people to vote it means there will be generation of young and active voters in the years to come.

“Now I know all this stuff goes on I’ll try to follow more closely what is happening. It’s an exciting thing to look at. I might start following the Youth Parliament in Hull now and maybe follow the media more.”


Chris, 15, said: “I was quite interested in politics anyway, so no, it has not increased my interest. My family aren’t that interested but I’ve got quite into it. The programme The Thick Of It really got me into politics.

“I don’t like to read some of the newspapers because they can appear biased, but I like to see them and then make my own opinion.”

There is also interest in what happens next now that the result is known.

Chris said: “I’d like to know how will David Cameron and Nick Clegg back up the policies they have promised for Scotland?

“They talk of barring Scottish MPs from voting on English things and making a separate English parliament but I’d like to know how they’ll set it up and how different would it be from things now?”

Natalie commented: “I’d like to know about what Alex Salmond feels about the situation because he wanted yes and we didn’t.”

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