Big Dance Event Success

[16 Jul 2012]

On Saturday 14th July, the Y9 and Y10 Btec Dancers (50 in total) performed at Brid Spa Gardens as part of the big dance event and the Olympic Legacy Project.

The students arrived and were very excited during the 9.30am dress rehearsal in the dance studio. Students anticipation and nerves grew as we arrived in Bridlington. Viking FM DJ’s hosted the event, announcing and interviewing different dance groups. Both the Year 9’s annd 10’s were interviewed. The year 9’s discussed how long they had been working on their performance, 2 terms of hard work! The Year 10’s discussed how their performance was based on the connection between dance and science and in particuar the reactions of metals. The Viking DJs were very intrigued by this and said that they had never heard of a dance performance based around science and were looking forward to the performance.

Both groups performed extremely well in the outdoor conditions, luckily the sun came out for us and the students worked hard on their final performance pieces. Stand out performances in Y9 included Jasmine Clarke, Ellie Clarkson, Louise Turner and Georgia Garrod.

Year 10’s wowed the audience with their science inspired dance, complete with the periodic symbols on their t shirts and performed an extremely complex piece of choreography which included the use of scarves. Stand out peformances included Laura Yaxley, Jodie Stanford, Kara Harold and Sam Brown, special mention goes to Louis Charmichael and Jack Walton for some amazing acrobatics.

Thanks to Liz Atwood and Michaela Thompson for their attendance on the coach!

If you see any of the students below, please congratulate them. I will add the photos and videos to: All Storage – BIG DANCE BRID, if you want to share with any of your classess this week.

Borowicz, Dominika
Burton, Courtney
Carlson, Emily
Everett, Courtney May
Garrod, Georgia
Harris, Chloe
Hartley, Natasha
Humphrey, Ellie-Mae
Kay, Shannon
Marshall, Chelsea
Morgan, Jodie
Porter, Lauren
Pougher, Olivia
Lilly Utting
Aboltina, Daniela
Appleby, Levi
Barr, Kirsty-Ann
Brewer, Emily
Burton, Laura
Clark, Jasmine
Clarkson, Ellie
Foster, Stacey
McCann, Zoe
Oakes, Shelby
Skoyles, Courtney
Emma Taylor
Sutherland, Danielle
Turner, Kourtney
Turner, Louise
Yeboah, Janet

Y 10
Abbie Bellwood
Annesse Jessop
Chloemay Tyson
Danica Day
Dannelle Paige
Elisha Coult
Georgia Burton
Jack Walton
Jodie Stanford
Julija Kondratenko,
Kara Harold
Laura Yaxley
Lauren Rainger
Louis Carmichael
Monica Wharram
Renell Byas
Samantha Brown
Shona Thompson –
Paulina Wlodarska
Lauren Genter