[24 Jan 2018]

The ‘SAS’ (Sirius Academy Superstars) ventured to St Mary’s college to compete in the Humber region Boccia tournament. We took two seriously competitive teams.

Sirius 1 : Flynn Clark, Adedamola Adeoye, Charlie Harrison and super sub Camron Ellam.

Sirius 2: Trust Umudjoro, Keiron Athraby and late signing Joshua Asquith (who turned out to be a real gem)

The two teams played four games each and sailed through the semi finals without a loss.

Sirius 1 was up against the mighty Axeholme and were narrowly defeated and came 4th in the competition. Sirius 2 played St Mary’s 3 to win 4-0 an outstanding performance from all three to gain a place in the final.

Sirius 2 were up against the almighty Axholme however this did not phase our superstars and with a nail biting decider Joshua Asquith threw the winning shot the bring home the gold. Absolutely outstanding play.

Sirius 2 will now and represent the Humber region at the Yorkshire finals in Leeds.

Myself and Linda McArevey could not be more proud of all the students so please congratulate them.

Thank you to Alex Sherwood and Linda for their support.

Julie Watson

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