Boys lose out on penalties! Year 10 Football vs Wolfreton (Humberside Cup)

[15 Feb 2014]

A game which was always going to be difficult as the boys had previously been beaten 8-2 by the same opposition in the Nationals.

However. a change in approach in terms of how a star player of Wolfreton’s George Barmby was marked sparked a different performance and what a game it turned
out to be!

It was only two minutes in when George Barmby (the son of Ncky Barmby) scored yet again and the worst was feared. Were we up to the task mentally?

Lochlan Fitzgerald was given the task of man marking Barmby and under difficult circumstances did a remarkable job.

Two minutes after Wolfreton had scored we had forced an equaliser through Chris Brown.

‘Brownie’ not the most natural of centre-forwards being the rugby player that he is –chased, bullied and worried their defence and worked tremendously hard
throughout the game. He was well supported by the creative Luke Salas and by the tireless efforts of Joseph Wood; Callum Magee and Kenan Stephenson in midfield.

Wolfreton now had a game on their hands and although they took the lead again we came straight back again through a goal from Luke Salas..

Barmby was not getting his way now and indeed it was Sirius who took the lead with a scrambled goal through ‘Brownie’ again!
Only ten minutes left! Could we do it? The boys were starting to believe it!

Our defence of Kieran Bartlett; Brandon Leigh; Luke Collingwood and Jordan Wardell had stood firm but with three minutes left we conceded a corner. The ball was delivered. It was not cleared! The referee blew! Penalty for shirt pulling! Against Barmby of all players and a very harsh decision against us which was later supported by Wolfreton’s manager and friend Andy Jackson.

Sometimes things are not quite fair in life and Sirius had no luck at a time when they thoroughly deserved to win. The game went into extra-time.

The drama had only just started!

In the second period of extra-time Chris Brown did a ‘David Beckham’ from years ago-he thumped a shot from the half-way line directly over their keepers head and into the top corner of the goal.
The boys and staff were ecstatic. Could we now hold on for the second time !

You could not write it! With minutes remaining our keeper and defenders came for a ball but missed it totally and left the ball for Wolfreton to place into an empty net. Costly! Total deflation!

The game went to the lottery of penalties and we lost! So unfair!

An unjust way to lose but a performance that the boys can take pride in and in the fact that they overturned a previous score line, against the same side, to within minutes of victory, can only give them belief in future games.

( Substitutes – Lukas Mikolunas; Oliver Russell and Will Murphy).

Thanks to Martin Smith/Daniel Rouse for their support.

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