BP Orange Project follow-up visit

[21 Jan 2014]

BP staff revisited the academy to deliver the second part of the Orange Project which they have been running with the current Year 11’s this year. The event was held in the Science Deep Learning Zone which provided the ideal venue.

Throughout the day the 48 students taking part were treated to an enjoyable mix of scientific theory and were focused towards its relevance to the industrial processes carried out by BP at the local Saltend site. Students participated in a variety of simple experiments and demonstrations which challenged their understanding of some complex scientific principles.

BP employees, Bobbie Bourne, Kerrie Hutchinson and Jordan Walmsley led the activities supported by Mr.Cook, the academy’s Business Coordinator. The students who participated left with a better understanding of the possibilities of a career in engineering and an awareness of how the science they learn in the classroom is applied in industry.

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