BP Orange Project

[23 Mar 2015]

BP Acetyls Staff from their Saltend Installation were in the academy last week to deliver the latest phase of the Orange Project. Leading the team was former student, Kerrie Hutchinson, who developed the project in conjunction with colleagues from Hull. She was ably assisted on the day by: shift team leader Bobbie Bourne, Recruitment officer Graham Hill and Communications officer Elle Newton-Syms.

The first session took place in the science demonstration laboratory; where Bobbie and Kerrie explained how the science learned in the academy was used at the Saltend plant in the production of ethanoic acid. The overall impression was the students had not realised the theory they had been taught was used on a day-to-day basis at the far end of the city in the production of a chemical which forms the basis of many chemical production lines across the globe.

The following sessions took place in the dance studio covering the industrial management of the process at the chemical plant, the scale of the reactors involved and the importance of the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) on an industrial site. There were also sessions containing interview skills and tips which were relevant for any job applications.

The BP staff left at the end of the day complementing the students on their performances throughout the day.

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