British Science Week Celebration Day

[21 Mar 2017]

Two hundred students visited the Academy on Thursday 16 March to celebrate British Science Week 2017. Students spent either a morning or afternoon with the Science department developing their investigative skills through two exciting experiments for the chance to win a range of prizes.
The students worked collaboratively to design, create and decorate a rocket using a plastic bottle. The students then gathered on the front drive to put the rockets to the test through a highest launch competition. Although my own rocket failed to get off the ground, the winning team achieved a mighty 29 metres!
In their second challenge, students were asked to make a paper aeroplane. Following step by step guides on their table, the students experimented with different designs before trialling them to find the most aerodynamic. One they decided which one was the best, they gathered round to place them in the launcher and measure the distance flown. The winning team scored a colossal 12 metres!
Throughout the sessions, the students were expertly supported by a group of Science Leaders from year 7; Lisa Jasper, Lottie Marsh, Adam Bulman, Samantha Krinickaite, Nicole George, Owen Lewis, Chloe Silburn, Jay Lawford, Maddison McGrath, Josh Ranyard, Lily Shepherdson, Libbie-Eve Atkinson, Ashleigh Thompson and Rebecca Staber.
A special thank you goes to Mr Wilkinson, Miss East, Miss Abedin and Mr Nicolson for their hard work in planning and delivering the sessions. Also, thank you to Mark Woods, Steve Rodgers, Mr Sherwood and Miss Driffill for helping to transport students to and from the event.