Cambridge – Friday 5th – Saturday 6th October 2017

[13 Oct 2017]

As a way of raising our students’ academic aspirations, we took 47 of our most able year 11 students, along with two sixth from students (Kallum Ritchie and Zak Macklin), on a trip to one of our country’s most celebrated academic institutions: Cambridge University. The students were given the opportunity to explore that famous city and experience – if only for two days – what it would be like to live and study in such a renowned and prestigious place.

On the second day, after spending the night in Cambridge, our students walked around the grounds in amazement of the University’s most famous college – King’s College. After that, our students went punting around the River Cam. This offered them a whole new perspective to the university and an opportunity to listen to numerous interesting facts and stories about the famed colleges whilst drifting lazily along.

Walking around the university’s famous colleges, it was hard to resist the enticing nature of the city’s spectacular architecture and picturesque and tranquil scenery. The colleges instantly became a symbol of success for many of the students, whilst also igniting a desire within some to return one day as an undergraduate student.

Student Testimonials:

‘The visit to Cambridge was a great experience – I thoroughly enjoyed it. The trip provided me with the opportunity to look around a prestigious university; it has allowed me to think about continuing in higher education and a university like Cambridge.’ (Abbie Bradley)

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the experience at Cambridge University and it has made me think more about further education at the top universities in the country.’ (Charlotte Wilkinson)

‘I really enjoyed the Cambridge trip as it has given me a glimpse of what life would be like at globally renowned university. I now have a real drive to aspire to go to a university like Cambridge.’ (Harry Pougher)

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