Chancellor to remove child benefit from richest people

[07 Mar 2012]

Rich v Poor

There is a government proposal so that people earning over a certain amount of money will lose child benefits for their family. The reason this is being proposed is because the government are looking to cut their expenses due to the debt that the country is currently in. People earning over 43,000 pounds per year will not now receive the child benefits that they were before. People earning over 43,000 pounds per year are in the top 15% of the country in terms of the money they get paid.

We must ask the question is this right? Is it fair that people earning over a certain amount of money be made to pay more than those earning less.

There are obviously two sides to that argument:

YES: they should, if they earn more money they can afford not to have the child benefits because the wages they get can make up for the money lost by not getting the benefit

NO: they earn more money because they have better paid jobs which usually require more skills which means they may have worked harder at school and therefore shouldn’t be punished for this by being given less money than those who may have not tried as hard earlier in their life.

What do the Sirius Academy students think? Should rich people pay more money to the government than poor?

David Lindsay Year 11 said: “Yes, I think it is only fair that people with more money should pay more as they will already be able have a comfortable life without the benefit, however, these people have earned their money fairly the same as poor people and they all work just as hard.”

Diana Leiko Year 7 explained: “That they should pay more money, because they have more money at home and it is unfair on poor people as they have less money to pay things like rent, water and clothes.”

Sirius Quote For the Day:

Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction.
Anne Frank

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